Month: January 2015

Reviews: Don’t Put that in there!

If you’ve ever wondered how many “facts” about sex you know are actually facts, look no further. This book is nice because it covers a ton of fairly common myths and a few that I’d never even considered before. For a long time after I was introduced to the concept of sexually transmitted infections I found myself paranoid of public toilets. The numbers they tell you in scho...[Read More]

Image: Serious Gnomes are Serious

Got to 100 tonight on Kegstand. Pretty pleased about it.

Raid Day Thursday

I’ll get a featured image up for this tomorrow. I’m dead tired. You can see the text logs here and the video logs below: We got to the imperator mighty fast but everything went south after that. I suppose the odds of me getting Ahead of the Curve aren’t great. But that’s fine since my DPS is terrible.

On Famine

Human systems have a few peculiar traits about them. For me the most notable is how they are designed with an alternate reality in mind. All systems presume stability in their presumption. The notion of production and consumption is a current popular one. It presumes that as long as one side is producing and the other side is consuming you can create a symbiotic relationship. The problem with this...[Read More]

On Activism

Today we hit one of those peculiar days where I don’t know what to write about. But I want to write every day if I can. Keep my mind sharp(ish). What’s on my mind lately? I suppose activism. I’ve begun to wonder if activism is (at its core) a two sided coin. You have constructive activism and destructive activism. Both of these institutions work in the same way but they work towa...[Read More]

Early Impressions: Gat Out of Hell

I’ve put in 45 minutes or so into this game so far. Gat out of Hell starts off with the trademark charm of Saint’s Row. You probably either love it or you hate it. I don’t know many people who are in the middle of the road with this series. There are some that hail Saint’s Row II to be the pinnacle of the series with each subsequent entry going further and further off the d...[Read More]

Raid Day Sunday

Today’s raids didn’t go as well as prior ones. What can you do? We learned some things and tried our best though. I’m still trying to learn enhancement shaman. It seems like the better geared people get the further down I go even though we are all gearing at roughly the same item level. Weird stuff but what can you do. You can find the text logs here. Presumably I’ll get th...[Read More]

Reviews: Don’t Swallow Your Gum!

I’ll keep working on how I handle reviews but I think I’ve got a plan for books for now. I’m going to talk in short about the book on the technical level then cover something I found interesting about it in some fashion. Personal or not I’m not sure but at least for a bit this should be easier. Anyone who doesn’t give two turds about the stories can just page down a c...[Read More]

Of Needles and Nimrods

When considering what does and does not cause something it is important to consider the popularity of the item in question. This is something I hadn’t considered before but it really helps to know whether or not a story is true. Naturally this is can be a dangerous thing because we often find ourselves prioritizing personal anecdote over large spread data. Today we’ll talk about Vaccin...[Read More]

Raid Day Thursday

Today was a pretty great raid day. I finished up the last of my stones for the epic ring quest, we made it all the way to the Imperator, we nearly downed the Imperator in a couple tries. You can find the text logs for this here and the video logs for this here. I’m very very tired so that’s about all I’ll say for today. Tomorrow we’ll have something thoughtful and substanti...[Read More]

Image: A side of Warcraft often unseen.

World of Warcraft allows you to play it while its still downloading. This provides a peek into a world that most games would never let you see.

What will survive the 7th great extinction event?

We are currently living through the sixth extinction event known to mankind. This one has the unfortunate unique facet of being caused by us. Named the Holocene extinction it is one of the few times (we know of) where an organism has nearly single handedly wiped out all other life on the planet. Or at least we are doing a darn good job of working towards that end result. The prior time that I̵...[Read More]

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