New in 2015: Project 52, More Reviews, and more Guides.

The new year begins in a little under two hours. Which means that I should take this time to plan out some goals for the new year. Things to look at after a few weeks or months and say “Well, you tried.”

The first is that I’m going to be regenerating Project 52. I’ve got enough books to pull it off without needing to buy anything. The gist of it is I’m going to read a single book a week and then review the book at the end of the week. Compendiums will not count as one book because last time I did that they ruined me. So if I buy an omnibus of any kind it will count as however many books are smooshed together. I’ll review each individually.

The next goal for the new year is to continue working on these Unity guides for folks. Additionally I’ll be making some video game guides alongside reviews of games I’m playing. The new website provides me with more power in terms of providing reviews and I’d like to make use of it. Back to Beyond Earth for another hour or so before I go finish up the first book of the new year. Or at least get moving on it.

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