Month: December 2014

New in 2015: Project 52, More Reviews, and more Guides.

The new year begins in a little under two hours. Which means that I should take this time to plan out some goals for the new year. Things to look at after a few weeks or months and say “Well, you tried.” The first is that I’m going to be regenerating Project 52. I’ve got enough books to pull it off without needing to buy anything. The gist of it is I’m going to read a...[Read More]

Unity for Dummies ~ 1.4: foreach loops and lists!

When last we spoke you were working on the Input Controller script. Now we’ll move on over to the Cube Spinner script. At least for now it won’t ACTUALLY be spinning the cube but eventually it will be. For now it will instead be recoloring the cube. The reason for that is we want a nice simple debug to show us that our list and foreach loops are proper. But, you might be asking, what t...[Read More]

Unity for Dummies ~ 1.3: Tags and C# Introduction

We’ve got a project. We’ve got lighting. We’ve now got prefabs of our cubes and all the goodies that come with them. Now it is time to start building scripts. Presuming that you followed my lead and made an empty object called “Game Controller” click on that now. You should see nothing but a tranform on the right. Where that transform is literally doesn’t matter...[Read More]

Fantasy Life is surprisingly good!

I’ve been playing a fair amount of Fantasy Life in the last few days and I must say I’m a bit enamored by it. FL is to me an example of what you get when people put some passion into their work. The mobile gaming market is all about a quick turnaround and an even quicker buck. Handhelds tend to have a slightly more robust development cycle which means there is, again ever so slightly, ...[Read More]

Unity for Dummies ~ 1.2: Prefabs and Children

We’ve got a project and lighting doing absolutely nothing of value. Next we should add some content. As with the project section in the bottom left (where you Assets are stored) we should make use of folders in the Hierarchy section. This is done by “creating empty” objects. You can find this by clicking the Create button and then clicking “Create Empty” at the top. I...[Read More]

Unity for Dummies ~ 1.1: Project Creation

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or whatever ya’ll are calling it these days. For my belated gift to everyone I’m going to start teaching folks how to use unity. Our first project will be a small 2D game. Extremely simple because I want to teach at the most basic level. After we complete this game we’ll move onto a simple 3D game. Then if things are going well an interme...[Read More]

Why don’t black holes suck up everything around them?

One of those topics that I see pop up from time to time is Black Holes. I’m not an astrophysicist (so much so that I spelled that wrong the first time I wrote it) but I can at least unravel a particular mystery of them for folks. Namely, why don’t things get “sucked in” to black holes? This is one that comes up an awful lot when people read about super massive black holes i...[Read More]

New York, Flooding, and the imminent impact of Climate Change.

We are entering into an interesting new age. For a long while now the impact of global climate change has been strangely divisive in the US. A big part of this is that it is in the economic interest of folks with lots of money to fight it. Being dirty is always cheaper than being clean. The most popular tactic for brushing aside the reality has been by noting that you can’t see the changes. ...[Read More]

Writing, Wowing, and Website Changes

What have I been up to? That’s a good question. I’m not entirely sure I have a solid answer. There has been a lot going on in my life both literally and metaphorically. I suppose we’ll start from the top and work down. The first is the last thing I was talking about before I went dark: NaNoWriMo. I’m going to begin editing this probably tonight or tomorrow morning. The plan...[Read More]

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