Month: November 2014

I’m enamored with Warlords of Draenor

So far I’m enjoying everything about this new expansion.

Kegstand Hits the Jackpot

When you are that small every meal you stumble upon is Thanksgiving. As for the original owner of that food? Well…Kegstand isn’t a nice drunk. On the note of NaNoWriMo? Still doing well and on point to finish by the end of the month! This story is weird as hell but I think it’ll be interesting by the end of it.

Day 9 of NaNoWriMo

I am back on track to finish writing this story by the end of the month. That’s a good thing because it becomes increasingly easy to just tell yourself “give up” and to follow through with that. Minds are incredibly lazy machines. Given the opportunity they’ll happily tune out and waste away. It’s crucial that we never forget that. I try my hardest to never forget it....[Read More]

Day 8 of NaNoWriMo

We returned today from Blizzcon. I’m going to write up the experience tomorrow but suffice it to say that I had a very very good time. This was the best done con I’ve ever been to. Where Anime Expo might be like dragging your balls across a belt sander, Blizzcon is a breath of fresh air and a back massage from a professional. I’ve also jumped back on the writing game. I’ve ...[Read More]

Day 6 of NaNoWriMo

Tomorrow will be interesting. We have Blizzcon tomorrow which means I won’t be home at all to write for tomorrow and most of Saturday. However I’m still doing well. We are 12,000 words into this project and I’m still pleased. I think once it is finished I’ll be coming back to it to give it the proper attention that it needs. But for now its a bit of a journey. I simultaneou...[Read More]

Day 5 of NaNoWriMo

There is something therapeutic to NaNoWriMo. The act of being forced to write and writing as quickly as you can does something to a person. It feels a bit to me like what I imagine when I imagine parenting. Not necessarily the raising of the child or anything quite so involved. Specifically the act of gestation and birth. Not knowing what you’ll be getting in the end. Will they be whole? Wil...[Read More]

Day 4 of NaNoWriMo

Well I’ve broken 8,000 words. Tomorrow I’ll hit the first hump, 10,000 words. It’s going alright and I’m interested to see what this will turn into by the end. I was following twitter today and checking out the things people were saying about the MidTerms. Adults are weird. I understand that a lot of it is confirmation bias on my part. The only people I’m seeing using...[Read More]

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo

Well I’m still keeping up with 2,000 words or more a day. This can be tough because I’m still dealing with a rather foggy brain. That said I think this is going to be something interesting. Good? I can’t say that much, but it’ll be interesting nonetheless. I’m trying to not beat the reader over the head with what is going on but at times trying to write at break neck ...[Read More]

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo

Welp! Another day another writing experience. I’ve also begun work on a book cover. To say that I’ve begun “work” is being a little generous. At this point I just need to add text and it is done. It will blow you away! That is if you are easily blown. Which I’m sure always means the same thing regardless of context. Here are the stats for today. Tomorrow I should have...[Read More]

Day 1 of NaNoWriMo

Howdy Folks! So I don’t know if I’ll be posting every piece of the story as I write it but I thought folks might like to read the first day’s work. See if it is something that might interest you. Once this entire thing is done I’m going to release a “NaNoWriMo” edition on Amazon that folks can pick up for cheap or free depending on their account settings. But wi...[Read More]

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