Vacancy and Return

Originally I wrote this post because I was feeling kinda vacant. Lately I’ve been lacking in something. It’s not really depression but more a lack of feeling. I don’t have that drive that I normally do. I say originally I wrote this because WordPress decided to throw me a curve ball. It waited until my post was done, showing me that it was saving drafts along the way only to have an error at the end and when I came back I found that no draft remained.

Nothingness. Every little word I had written. All those thoughts are gone. I can never write what I wrote before and the person that wrote it is already gone. I’ve been changed by this otherwise trivial moment and that change alters all things I write from here on out. That’s the thing about mistakes. They alter you. This is why mistakes can be a good thing. They help us to improve upon ourselves by examining what had transpired and improving upon it.

A life without mistakes is a life without discovery.

I’m going to go sleep now. I’m going to mull over what I had written before and see if I can improve upon it. NaNoWriMo is coming up next month and I need to revitalize myself. It turns out that this little mistake was good for something. It helped me feel. Even if that feeling was something akin to finally getting a scoop of ice cream and having it bumped out of your hands.

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