Month: October 2014

NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow! “Five Stages” is the tale this year.

Tomorrow begins the ever stressful but ultimately rewarding task of writing an entire novel in a single month. This year I’ll be writing a story that’s been on the back of my mind since December of last year. It’s called “Five Stages”. The summary will be written up tomorrow but I have a feeling that folks will like it. Maybe. We’ll see, it’s been a long t...[Read More]

The Rise of Kegstand: Gnome Monk

Kegstand is a simple Gnome with simple ambitions. He wants to drink and get others drunk. But along his journey he has found that being completely shitfaced can lead to some unexpected and potentially dangerous events. Kegstand set out from Gnomeregan during Hallow’s End. He saw on the surface world endless legions of masked never dowells scarfing down dangerous amounts of candy. He looked u...[Read More]

Artemis noticed I was playing World of Warcraft. She fixed that.

Also that’s Bayonetta 2 to the left of her! I’m playing the first one at the moment and its rad!

Let’s talk Ebola and Creating the Perfect Virus

America is in a weird place right now statistically. Ebola is higher than ISIS, Education, Lack of Money, Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness, Terrorism, Race relations, Racism, Crime, and violence on the list of fears people have as of October 2014. This to me is awfully strange for one major reason: The way you acquire it. You contract Ebola by touching the Blood, Feces, or Vomit of someone infected. ...[Read More]

Vacancy and Return

Originally I wrote this post because I was feeling kinda vacant. Lately I’ve been lacking in something. It’s not really depression but more a lack of feeling. I don’t have that drive that I normally do. I say originally I wrote this because WordPress decided to throw me a curve ball. It waited until my post was done, showing me that it was saving drafts along the way only to have...[Read More]

Is my infinity bigger than your infinity?

I was originally going to talk about groups today but I want to save that for tomorrow. I feel like I can give it a much better once over once I’ve had some time to mull it over. But for today I want to talk about something interesting. When you think about infinity what do you think? Presumably you think about the unending sequence of numbers that never ends. There is no such thing as infin...[Read More]

Breakneck Advances ~ Are Conventional Business and Politics no longer relevant?

It’s weird when you think about how far we’ve come in a single century. A small but non-zero number of people lived long enough to go from horses being the only form of travel, to cars, to airplanes, then to the moon. When you compare that to any generation prior it really begins to put things into perspective in terms of technological advancements. Never in history has there been such...[Read More]

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