Month: September 2014

Early Thoughts on The Last of Us Remastered

Wow, I don’t know what to say so far. The Last of Us is thus far a very strange beast indeed. I can’t exactly say I’m having fun but I really want to. Like its this strange experience that I can’t turn away from when I play it. I find myself quickly and deeply invested in these characters and everything that happens. It’s peculiar especially because I must balance my ...[Read More]

Early Thoughts on Bluehost Vs. Dreamhost

I’ve officially switched from Dreamhost to Bluehost. Thus far I am incredibly impressed with the performance difference. Dreamhost offers what they call “Unlimited” Bandwidth and Drive space. That’s a lovely concept and all but they meter it to an extreme degree. You might have unlimited drive space but heaven help you if you want to upload a 20KB image to it. I had been ge...[Read More]

Reviews: Destiny ~ Levels 1 to 20

I reached level 20 this morning in Destiny and figured this was a good time to do a review. Much like my review for Diablo 3 this is likely going to be a two part review. The first is the experience from level 1 to 20. Normally developers call this the “game” and then all the content that follows is the “post game”. I’ll say right now that that wording confuses the he...[Read More]

Will this generation see the end of grassy lawns?

The state of California is going through a pretty nasty drought. If you haven’t had a chance to see this collection of images you really owe it to yourself. During this drought a lot of people were ranting about the ice bucket challenge because of how wasteful it was. I admire people wanting folks to be considerate but I feel like the scale of the drought is just beyond comprehension. Wester...[Read More]

Early Thoughts on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Good lord does this game have the longest name I’ve seen in a while. I had somewhat forgotten that I preordered the collectors edition of this game many moons ago. It showed up in the mail with a rather ambiguous sounding sender. I thought to myself “I don’t recall ordering anything promiscuous.” As that is the cliched trait of those services (to such a point that I feel li...[Read More]

Early Thoughts about Prison Architect & Diablo Season Mode

I recently got arguably the best humble bundle in years. One of the games in the list is Prison Architect. I’ve been interested in PA for sometime now but the asking price was far too high for an early release game. The story behind extortion level early release games is that it is to make sure that all the players are people with passion. Supposedly this gets you better feedback rather than...[Read More]

Early thoughts on the PS4 and Destiny

This has been an interesting weekend. The first PS4 I had ordered was actually stolen from our front porch. This caught me off guard and I do have plans to make sure this never happens again. After a few days Amazon very kindly sent me a replacement. I had an incredibly difficult time finding the power button. I plugged it into the television and then proceeded to reenact a scene from Zoolander. T...[Read More]

Blood, Water, and The Greatest Question.

Optimization continues as I’ve implemented some new caching systems. We’ll see if those help. The website is loading in about 16 seconds on average which is not great in internet terms. But instead of talking about that further I wanted to discuss something random. What could we talk about? I clicked on Random for Wikipedia and got “The Greatest Question“. Alright, I’...[Read More]

The Good Problem of Bad Web/WordPress Optimization

My website is currently suffering a bit from some really poor optimization. For a while I wasn’t uploading images that were prepared for web use. That wasn’t a big deal back when I was only getting about a dozen visits a day but now that I’ve grown into a tiny three to four hundred views a day it is starting to add up. It’s a good problem though because it means there is in...[Read More]

Rico’s Disgaea 4 Guide: Power Leveling

So you’ve ramped up your got your Evil Symbols, Gathered your Puppy Paw Stick, and Duped the heck out of some innocents and items. What else is there to do? Level to 9,999 of course! To save you some time I’m going to say right up front that this is a “Big Bang at Mt. Ordeals 4.” Guide. So if you are already doing this then you are already on the right path. If you feel lik...[Read More]

Rico’s Disgaea 4 Guide: Easy Item & Innocent Duping

There are a lot of levels in Disgaea, while some games have you going to level 99 or 100 you’ll find yourself going all the way to 9,999 here. Not only that but you might reincarnate back to level 1 and do it again. Ad infinitum if you wished. This might seem excessive but the beauty in this is that Nippon Ichi is not asking more of you than most games. In some ways they are asking for less ...[Read More]

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