Month: July 2014

The Restaurant of Death: Glendale Olive Garden

Yesterday was Liz’s birthday, this was a bit unfortunate since it was also a work day. We made the best of it however and decided to go to one of those places that is generally a nice simple destination: Olive Garden. We’ve been to the Glendale Olive Garden a few times in the past, all but recently it wasn’t a bad experience. It wasn’t until they changed to their new policy...[Read More]

Do Social Networks hurt your Social Life? (Bonus OTTO ~ Social Justice Warriors & Immigration)

This is going to be a bit of a difficult subject to broach. Because its going to cover two anecdotes, which aren’t themselves the problem, but I’ll then be covering the topics of those anecdotes. To talk about Immigration is one thing, to talk about Social Justice is another, but to try and cover both in a single entry? That’s probably just stupidity. I’ll give it my best s...[Read More]

Get the Sims 2 Ultimate [All DLC included] for free! [Origin required, No Surveys, No Purchases, No Tricks]

Hey Folks! So no joke. If you go to the “Games” Tab of Origin and put in the code I-Love-The-Sims you will be given Sims 2 with every expansion for it ever. It is literally that simple. This is true until the 31st of this month (July 2014). Nothing else you need to do besides download the game :o. I’ll include images for those that don’t believe me. There you go! Hope that ...[Read More]

VS: Consumerism Vs. Capitalism

I would like to start a new series called “VS” that basically looks at two words and examines what they mean. This won’t be the official websters dictionary definition but I would like to think that after reading these you, dear reader, might be interested in changing your own usage of them. There are no expectations that these changes will change the world, I am not so far up my...[Read More]

End of the Week & One Free Destiny Beta Key Left!

Welp! I’ve got one more key left on this contest. Click that link to go give it a gander and enter. Totally free, you just need to have a fun image from a game to amuse me :o! Worst case scenario the key goes unused and I’m not overly hurt by that prospect. Not much else to add for today other than Divinity: Original Sin is really just the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t help ...[Read More]

Reviews: Witch and the Hundred Knight

Witch and the Hundred Knight is a bit of a bitter pill. On the one hand it has a diablo style gameplay that I find very rewarding. The protagonist (the terribly named Hundred Knight) is adorable. The animation style is pretty good (one of the things that interested me in it). The music and sound effects are forgettable, minus the sound when you sell things that’ll deafen you. But the charact...[Read More]

Reviews: Eden of the East

Eden of the East has one of the best first episodes of any Anime I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The writing is absolutely perfect, the animation style is some of the best alongside greats like Miyazaki. The music and sound choices are all absolutely perfect and the dubbing, that thing that makes White Japan fans cringe, is so perfect it seems like it was meant to be. My experiences at the...[Read More]

Image of the Day: Taking the bait + Two Free Destiny PS3 Beta Keys up for grabs!

Hey folks! So they give you 3 Closed Beta Keys when you get signed up to bring two friends. If you are visiting then I think you are probably cool enough to take one of these bad boys. So all I want you to do is take your favorite screenshot from any game you really like and post it here. Once I get enough contestants (assuming I get anyone, lol) I’ll pick two winners and you can have your k...[Read More]

How do you quit the internet without sounding melodramatic? (Hint: You don’t.)

I am getting so tired. I sometimes forget why I don’t interact with other human beings anymore. I’ve regressed from Facebook, Reddit, IMGUR, and most of the video game websites. You might think I’m suffering from some kind of degenerative disorder and that this is leading to an ever worsening introversion. But I’m arguably lucky that this is not actually the case. I like to...[Read More]

Reviews: Kill La Kill

I’m not very fond of Anime. It’s not a philosophical thing or any kind of derision towards cultural differences. I quite like Japan and I’m often first to defend them when people say “Oh Japan” from some kind of strange position of superiority. Where we fetishize violence and firearms they seem to fetishize sexuality, the latter of which seems to me to be far less per...[Read More]

How an oil change reminded me I’m not a robot.

Let’s take a ride. It’s not a very long one but I feel like it’ll be beneficial. We visited a local Drive Through Oil Change called “Oilstop“. The shorthand of the place is that its boss as hell and I might write a not so short review for it sometime. At any rate I walked up to one of the employees and asked them what the process for getting an oil change was. I had b...[Read More]

Reviews: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Well isn’t this a blast from the past! In an effort to clear out my old catalog I started and finished Uncharted 3 yesterday. This review will be somewhat light on the pictures seeing as there is basically nothing I could show that wouldn’t be a spoiler of epic proportions. However I managed to find two images that we can use, one is on the cover of the box and another is of some magic...[Read More]

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