Month: June 2014

The Supreme Court and Hobby Lobby make a strong case for removing corporations completely from the lives of their employees.

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby towards a recent case where it was argued that HL should not need to fund health care if it is used to do things that are against their religious beliefs. I’m not one to point out the logical flaws in iron age control schemes, well I have been, but today I want to do something differently. This case actually shows us why you cannot have a h...[Read More]

Reviews: Injustice: Gods Among Us ~ Ultimate Edition

Injustice is another one of those games that I can’t really put my finger on. As I do more of these reviews I’m trying to find the system that I like best for detailing what the games did well and not so well. With that in mind lets experiment with Injustice. I’m going to create a bullet point list of what I like and don’t like and then extrapolate on that. Maybe throw in s...[Read More]

The Why and How of the Mass Effect Story Shortcomings / Failures.

There might be some spoilers in this but I am not sure if anyone out there that is interested in the why of Mass Effect 3 doesn’t already know about its shortcomings. This is a game that has become rather infamous for having an ending that single handedly negates everything you’ve done for three games. But that didn’t bother me, I ended up playing it after I knew about the ending...[Read More]

Rico’s ActionScript 3 Game Making Guide [Anyone can do it.] ~ (PT.3) FlxTilemaps and CSVs!

Introduction Making a Menu I had been meaning to start this earlier but I figure I’ll just get part of it done tonight and finish up the rest tomorrow. You won’t know this however because it’ll be drafted and then published in full. I’ll begin with stating that I’ve actually moved onto “HaxeFlixel” and may end up writing a guide for that next. It’s l...[Read More]

Why should you never ever buy a second Wii U for any reason? I’ll tell you why.

I’ve been kind of slacking on writing this. Earlier today I found myself incredibly irritated with Nintendo. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a company fight so hard to not take my money and I suppose it behooves me to explain to you how they did it. Keep in mind this isn’t one of those cliche “I hate Nintendo” posts that seem to proliferate across the internet. I&...[Read More]

Reviews: Mario Kart 8

Nintendo makes me sad sometimes. Every time they release a game it is full of joy, color, and everything I’ve ever wanted in a game emotionally. I play their games and realize that that kind of mentality from a major player in the gaming industry is just dead. They are the Highlander. That isn’t to say their games are perfect, they have mistakes and antiquated ideas at times, but the e...[Read More]

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