Month: May 2014

Reviews: Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is an entrancing experience. I’m going to talk about the game without really spoiling anything but I think I’d be hard pressed to do so even if I tried. After finishing the game (and reading about the ending) I’m still not entirely sure what happened. That isn’t to say this game suffers from Prometheus syndrome, it wasn’t trying to be pretentiously deep ...[Read More]

Reviews: X-Men: Days of Future Past

I just got back from X-Men: Days of Future Past and man, did I ever love that film. It felt like a really long movie, I don’t mean that in a bad way by any means but I am finding myself having trouble putting together everything that happened in it so that I can talk about it more. I suppose we’ll just go along the list of things that crossed my mind while I was watching it and I’...[Read More]

Do we die when we sleep?

This is something that I think we need to cover in parts. Only because its a little bit of a strange premise but one that I think might have some validity even if only as a fun bit of food for thought. The first thing to move aside is I’m not talking about the literal reality that every moment of life brings you closer to death and, by proxy, means that every moment of life is killing you. T...[Read More]

Rico’s ActionScript 3 Game Making Guide [Anyone can do it.] ~ (PT.2) Making a Menu!

45 by 25 Holy hell that is one messy title. As stated in the previous ActionScript3 Guide, this is a guide to help teach you the basics. I learned ActionScript 3 a few weeks back and the documentation for most of this was such shite that I felt like I was just learning it all through trial and error. With that in mind I am not teaching you best practices. This is a guide by an idiots presumably fo...[Read More]

Image of the Day ~ Too much to drink.

Rico’s ActionScript 3 Game Making Guide [Anyone can do it.] ~ Introduction

This will be a multi part series and I’m going to try and make everything crystal clear. The guides online for ActionScript and Flixel are mostly terrible. It’s like the entire internet is conspiring together to screw with folks like you or I who just want to learn something new! No longer, I’m going to start making guides like this one for various scripting languages. I’m ...[Read More]

Image of the Day: Taking in the Scenery

So I’m a bit nauseous tonight but this week we’ll be learning ActionScript. I say we but I think I’ve kinda got an idea now. I think the project will be a simple platforming game in the style of Super Mario Bros 3’s first level. It’ll involve a camera that follows you, a character that jumps, some kind of enemies, and some kind of goal. You might be thinking “Ta...[Read More]

Image of the Day: Can’t Focus

Image of the Day: Feeling Peckish

Is The Universe Shrinking?

Roughly 13.7 billion years ago there was an incredible event. Commonly called the Big Bang, this dramatic expansion has lead to what we now call the universe. But what is the universe? I suppose we should get that out of the way first. There are two things that the universe can be. The actual answer would be “everything”. “The Universe is commonly defined as the totality of exist...[Read More]

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