Month: April 2014

Do It Yourself for Dummies: Installing a Car Window Regulator

Hello and welcome back! Once again I’m going to try and extrapolate my singular experience to the whole of cardom! I kept it lowercase so that you don’t think I’m talking about some place in Israel, though I bet you weren’t and now you are! Anywho, this job was a little more complicated than the car radio but only barely. You’ll want a few more supplies but for the mo...[Read More]

Game Project #2- The Hopper (Playable)

It would appear that I’ve learned ActionScript. I wanted to have a relevant knowledge at my new job and noticed that Adobe AIR was fairly prominent. Naturally I sat down and started poking at it with a stick. This game is a fairly heavily modified (to the point where they don’t resemble one another at all in the src) version of the Platformer Tutorial for Flixel. I think over the next ...[Read More]

How does Final Fantasy demonstrate our infinite dimensionless multiverse?

I’ve been playing an unhealthy amount of Final Fantasy X lately. I decided rather randomly that I wanted a platinum trophy on it. If you are looking for a game to do this on, don’t make it Final Fantasy X. The game itself is actually quite good, much better than I remember, but the hidden content is terrible. Not just terrible but horribly terrible. RNG designed by people who are infam...[Read More]

Does Gravitation predict Humanity’s future?

The universe is governed by four forces of nature. These are the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, and gravitation. I’ve not necessarily listed them in any order. But of these four forces the weakest is gravitation. If you think about it this is easy to prove. You’ll be hard pressed to peel apart two neodymium magnets in your palm even if they are both the...[Read More]

The Paradox of Choice & My Dislike of Theatres

The paradox of choice is something I don’t enjoy coming into confrontation with. I look at a library of hundreds of Steam games and because of the sheer vastness of options I am crippled. I cannot choose, I merely stare and wonder. Minutes pass. Then hours. Soon I wish I had found something better to do with that time. It’s a strange feeling and one that I find a lot of trouble complai...[Read More]

Do F2P mobile games get better when you pay into them? Insight from a pseudo whale.

I suppose first off we should discuss what a whale is. When I first heard the terminology it was about my propensity for purchasing new magic cards almost every week. I adore deck building and it is a habit that can rack up a large bill each year. He was using it as an insult and suggesting I do it because I must win. While I disagree with his general observation, especially given that he said thi...[Read More]

Image of the Day: Jebediah Kerman Dreams.

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