Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Chapter 5 Leveling

This is going to be one of the last Bravely Default guides I write. Why? Well because once you’ve done this you can apparently trounce everything in the game with a relatively simple build that I suppose I can throw in at the end here. That isn’t to say I find a problem with this, it was fun and the game is lovely, I just feel like at this point I can’t help people get over trials that I am no longer experiencing. No need to stuff this place with filler when there is plenty to write about. I glanced about to see if this strategy is widely used. The location does appear to be but I think I’ve got the best build of anyone. Basically I’m providing a setup where you can be any class and consistently kill all the mobs in a region without fear of game over (I certainly haven’t had one from level 71 to 99). It starts out a little tough but once you get the Dark Knight up a bit on one character the rest is history.

The Checklist [Initial]
Dark Knight at Job Level 8. Only one is necessary but 4 is peachy.
Vampire at Job Level 10. Only one is necessary but 4 is peachy. Needs to be same as Dark Knight(s).
Flametongue Sword x 2. Buy 8 for maximum awesome. [Eternia City Shop]
Growth Egg x 1 [Use my money making guide if this seems tough.]
Clothespin x 1
The Checklist [Advanced]
Dark Knight Job Level 13.
Secondary Ability set to Dark Knight.
Abilities -> Self Restore [1 Slot] (Vampire), P.Attack 20% Up* [2 Slots] (Pirate), JP Up [1 Slot] (Freelancer), Gloom [1 Slot] (Dark Knight)
Growth Egg x 1 [Use my money making guide if this seems tough.]
Clothespin x 1
*Corey in comments suggests “[With magic users] you’ll deal more damage if you use Sword Lore + 10% P. Atk instead of the 20%.”

  Now onto the strategy. This all came about because of the ability “Self Restore” under the Vampire job tree. When I saw it my brain went aflutter with possibilities that come along with gaining 100% of your HP back after every fight. You can imagine my delight when I got Dark Knight and saw I could pump out incredible amounts of damage with 0 mana and by merely sacrificing dangerous amounts of my health. I suspect you already see where I’m going with this.

  First you need to fly to Florem Gardens. Once you are inside turn your battle rate to 0% and walk all the way to the save NPC in Florem Gardens -Interior. Once you are here, save, then set your battle rating to +100%. If you want to largely automate what is coming next you will need something to jam your joystick (without damaging it, you could fold paper or use a dime/penny) and point it into that corner to the left of the Save NPC. Your character should jitter if you do this properly. I’ll make a GIF of this later possibly.

  You will be fighting one of three things in this area (in varying quantities). Rafflesia (Little Onion People), Hamadryad (Tree Stump People), and Rukh (Bastard Bird Monster). The Hamadryad are extremely dangerous at low speeds which is why you want the Clothespin. If they put your team to sleep you will wipe, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They wreck faces if they put you to sleep. But as long as your Dark Knight character is wearing a Clothespin you are guaranteed to win the fight (although you might lose some people initially).

  The Rukh are a close second in danger. They have an AOE air move that hurts like hell and don’t have the decency to be weak to either Dark or Fire damage. These things are douchebags. Your best bet here is killing them in one turn before they can hit you. I recommend wearing an item to raise your First Strike rating on one character and one to lower your enemies First Strike rating on another (since you have 2 free slots open alongside your Growth Egg and Clothespin). The strategy for all three fights is the same so I’m not writing unique stuff for how to combat these or Hamadryads.

  The final and friendliest of the bunch is the Rafflesia. These little guys just want to die for you and give you insane amounts of EXP and Job Points. If you hit them first they should die and in droves. Sometimes you’ll be killing as many as 6 in a single fight.

  Next lets get into the strategy. It is very simple, I’m doing it right now while I write this to finish up the last 3 jobs I haven’t mastered. You can do it with any job combination once you’ve got the Dark Knight (and Vampire) skills you need.

End Screen

A Motley Crew.

Step 1: Brave 4 times. Step 2: Cast Life or Death (Raising your damage by 50%) Step 3: Cast Black Bane x 3 (Deals +25% Damage to all targets, Costs 30% Life to cast each time) Step 4: Rake in the EXP and JP. Laugh maniacally.


Yum Yum!

  So what happened exactly to cause you to crush so hard? Your weapon is the same element as your enemy which apparently get counted alongside the dark damage. Next you are getting Dark Amp which I believe increases your damage by 1.25x. Another 1.20x P. Attack from your Pirate ability. An additional 1.50x from Life or Death. Finally another 1.25x increase from the spell itself! So we are looking at something like 5.2x (520%?) additional damage, the math might be off but the results are stellar. Works out to between 7000 and 9999 damage each time it hits your enemy. I’ve yet to have anything survive 3 rounds of it, but if you are nervous just have all 4 people have Dark Knight as their secondary and you are god mode.

  If anyone tells you that JP Up doesn’t stack with the Growth Egg they are wrong. I got 920 JP + whatever without it and 999 JP + 420 with. Exact same enemies, definitive result.

  While writing this I’ve mastered three jobs across three characters (a fourth by the time I hit submit). So after this is done what can you do to trounce the boss fights that follow? I killed the Summoner just north of this leveling area in a few turns doing the following and it should work for everyone else. If it doesn’t I’ll report back with a guide.

Level 99 Boss Fight Mini-Guide

Equipment is using your best judgment. Cap out P.Attack for attackers, M.Attack for Healers. Defense otherwise.

Character #1 [Tiz for me]

Job #1: Freelancer Job #2: Templar Abilities: Self-Restore [Vampire], Hasten World [Time Mage], P. Defense 10% Up [Knight] and Angelic Ward [White Mage]

Character #2 [Edea for me]

Job #1: Dark Knight Job #2: Monk Abilities: Self-Restore [Vampire], Maximize HP [Spiritmaster], and Angelic Ward [White Mage]

Character #3 [Ringabel for me]

Job #1: Thief Job #2: Dark Knight Abilities: Self-Restore [Vampire], Rob Blind [Thief], Sword Lore [Knight], and Angelic Ward [White Mage]

Character #4 [Agnes for me]

Job #1: Spiritmaster Job #2: Salve-Maker Abilities: Self-Restore [Vampire], Holy One [Spiritmaster], and Healing Lore [Salve-Maker]


The key here is combining abilities that really thrive together to create a rapid fire DPS spike that the enemy can’t recover from. I tested the above build against the Summoner and wrecked her in a couple turns. I then tested it after mastering the last few jobs while writing this on Ominous Crowe (the Black Mage) and wrecked him as well. Both of these are bosses that use little to no physical attacks which means they are some of the worst case scenarios. Allow me to explain how this build works.

Hasten World causes every character (both good and bad) to get an additional BP at the end of every turn. This means that combat is going to move extremely quickly and there is little incentive to not spam attacks. Self-Restore on all characters means I don’t need to heal after the fight but if you turn off random combat you could remove this and replace it with something more helpful. Angelic Ward is a DPS reduction move which helps keep survivability up for your team.

Tiz examines the target on the first turn just so I know how long until I kill them. Every turn thereafter he will cast “Rampart” which gives me 100% damage reduction against the next physical attack on each of my team. It uses additional BP to fire but I’ll be gaining that back quickly with Time Slip which means that often I’ll have it up before they damage most of my team. Tiz effectively creates an incredible wall and because he’s a Freelancer his HP is nearly 9999 at this point. I’ve given him all gear that raises P. Def and M. Def so that the odds of him dying (and my shield wall breaking) are slim and none.

Edea has something like 18,000 HP with this build because of Maximize HP. I have her equipped with the Blood Sword and I have her use it to give her drain at the beginning of combat. Turn 2 usually involves me casting Phoenix Flight 4 times for around 9999 damage each time (presuming I’ve been healing her with Agnes the turn prior). She’s wearing full Heike gear and a Bloody Shield giving her incredible damage mitigation which means she won’t need as much healing to maintain 9999 x 4 damage. Additionally with Time Slip she’s doing this much faster than before (Every third turn she’s doing it three times or so). Black Knight means that each time she does it her M. Attack and M. Def both rise by 10%. This isn’t a big deal but its extra survivability against non-physical fights. Also Black Knight + Self-Restore give her a strong board wipe with Black Bane for non boss fights.

Ringabel is my support character and secondary DPS beast. The first thing he does is mug the target so that I can get their sweet boss loot. Some of this I believe you can get nowhere else, don’t miss on the chance. When he’s not mugging my enemy he is either using items (unlikely) or using Godspeed Strike for nearly 9999 damage. I’ve given him all gear that raises either P. Attack or Speed (or both). If Edea doesn’t kill your opponent Ringabel likely will. Similarly he can do Shake Down before she does Black Bane on regular fights to rob your enemy blind before slaughtering them.

Finally Agnes is my healer. Spiritmaster provides a strong number of damage nullification and elemental reduction abilities. Her First Aid and Ressurect abilities provide me with mana free means to keep people topped off or bring people back. First Aid alone should be enough with Rampart to keep your team at (or near) max health for the duration of your boss fights. She’s not to be used as DPS but if you are really hurting for another 1 or 2 damage, she can provide :p. Additionally I am suspicious of what an elixir turned toxic would do in bravely second. Anyone care to see if that OHKO’s things?

So that’s it! This build is not by any means perfect (I don’t even have the last job yet), but it is great for steamrolling things and having lots of utility. Give it a shot! Hope this helps and I’ll be back if anything between now and the end of the game surprise me.

Update 3/6/2016: It would appear that JP Up is doing nothing in the example above. Feel free to replace it with anything else, you’ll still be capping out lightning fast :). Thanks to Steven in the comments for the update!

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