Month: March 2014

Do It Yourself for Dummies: Installing a Car Radio

Howdy! So hopefully you’ve come here because you noticed it is nearly a hundred dollars to have a car radio professionally installed. You might be thinking that it costs that much because it is a super hard project! Well I can’t say for sure but the chances are that it isn’t actually a difficult task. Just be ready to bring a little bit of courage and I’m going to walk you ...[Read More]

Reviews: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Blizzard is a tough company to nail down. On the one hand they go and make absolutely gorgeous content like Pandaria and the Reaper of Souls levels. But then they also make things like the Legendary Cloak quest (which we will be talking about soon) or the enchanting and gem requirements in Reaper of Souls. It’s the strangest abusive bipo...[Read More]

Do Violent Video Games make people Violent?

I’ve talked about this before but I’d like to think that these days I’m a little bit better at writing. Similar to the topic I’m about to cover I am joining the writhing mass that ignores all evidence to the contrary. Today we are talking about the connection between violent video games and violent people. I am going to approach this a little differently than I normally do....[Read More]

Image of the Day: Minecraft ~ Making it rain.

My farm is being well watered. Another fine day on the outskirts of the great rain forest.

Image of the Day: Minecraft in a nutshell.

Is what we dream real?

I was thinking about the nature of the internet. I’ve talked about it before and I imagine with a little bit of internal searching I could link to it in this intro. Maybe I will in post, we’ll see. But for now I want to ask and examine the question of whether what we dream is literally real. This might not be a very long ride but I hope it causes you to perhaps rethink the question as ...[Read More]

Has the Earth been visited by Aliens?

So I’ve setup comments to email me when they are made. Just noticed that I had one (*gasp*) and hadn’t responded to it in three days. That first contact is one that we hunger for in both work and life. It helps us to gauge just where our place is in the grand scheme. For some, a very specific few, this first contact is not merely a future event but something that has already passed. So I’m here to...[Read More]

The Problem with Podcasts ~ Critical Mass of Advertising

ClustrMaps is filling with little red dots like an outbreak. ClustrMaps appeals to that avid lover of information that resides somewhere in the recesses of my brain. Naturally I don’t want to bog down the website with too many data acquisition tools as it stumbles across my beliefs about what the internet should and should not be gathering about people. I figure an anonymous blip on your cou...[Read More]

Image of the Day: House the Voodoo Doctor

  I finished my play of Diablo 3 today with the Mask of Jeram. Pretty good feeling I must admit and it looks great too. I love using pets so this is the perfect headgear for me.

Image of the Day: Dino Party

While Liz was in raids she noticed that a peculiar number of hunters had joined. All of them shared the same name minus the numbers at the end of their name. Each was decked out and each was using a Direhorn. I can’t for the life of me imagine why they’d use Direhorns, but I suppose when the question for pets involves “dinosaur” the answer is always “yes”.

Website Updated ~ Twitch Integration and Clustrmaps / Also Nibbleh is a pain in my butt

The website is updated once again! I’ve got twitch integration up top. You might be saying “I can’t see it…” and that’s the beauty of it! I’ve set it up so that it will only show when I’ve got a stream going! That way we aren’t wasting website real estate on it. Naturally it’ll be getting moved to a more attractive location once I get to ...[Read More]

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