Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Leveling

Update: I recommend doing this only to job level 9 on most jobs until Chapter 5. At Chapter 5 you’ll want to use a new strategy which I’ll be writing up shortly (next day or so) to hit level 14 on all jobs in the blink of an eye. Click any of that sentence to go to the other post :p.

I’m going to talk about how I power level and I’ll be keeping this as content light as possible. Sadly it will be image light too, seeing as the 3DS doesn’t support native screenshots…one of the dumber Nintendo decisions. But I digress! Let’s begin with what you’ll want:


The Checklist

Support Ability Quantity of 2.

Knuckle Lore (Support Ability from Level 5 Monk)

Self Healing (Support Ability from Level 5 White Mage)

A Dime (US Currency, Results may vary in other countries)

  The reason I suggest Knuckle Lore, and indeed if you are leveling a class the first class you should level is Monk, is that it allows you to be other classes without buying new weaponry. Knuckle Lore makes your unarmed attacks incredibly strong and you keep this relatively consistent high DPS across all characters. This guide is about ease and lack of thought rather than some complex money and numbers game.

  The reason I suggest Self Healing is that you will find often during random battles you will get poisoned, this is extremely bad for the strategy we’ll be developing because it means while you AFK play you’ll be reducing all your characters HP to 1. You don’t want that, so with Self Healing you will heal from Poison, Paralysis, and something else after combat.

  Finally you want to find a place where you can easily kill the mobs without it being “a close one”. The ideal locations are places you find that have good JP output, unless you are more desiring base leveling but, trust me, you’ll be getting plenty of that. You want to find a location on the map that is not smooth, rocks, chests, something where if you ran into it your character would “jitter”. This creates a motion of bouncing back and walking forward that is subtle but noticeable. After you’ve got this angle down you’ll want to fight a match.

  In that match hold down L to Brave 4 times and then hold down A to attack 4 times. Do this on all 4 characters. Press Y and this will cause you to repeat this attack combination ad infinitum. Now after the match put that dime under your directional stick so that you infinitely run towards that bouncing spot on your map, nearly every map and even the overworld has these spots all over. Once you’ve found one you’ll know what I mean. All you have to do now is press A a few times each time a fight is over. If you are on the PC you can press A with your left pinky while you type or play other games (like I do with World of Warcraft).

  Congratulations! It still requires you “be there” but if you crank the encounter rates to +100% you’ll be grinding out levels, money, and jp in no time! If you want you can even make one of your characters to “Steal” from each bad guy instead of attacking. To do this best you want to wait till you have a 4v4 fight and have him steal from each mob once. Then when you auto-battle he’ll target each unique enemy once. Alternatively you can make all 4 of your characters Merchants and crank out money like its nobodies business (They each give you 1.5x money from winning and this stacks for each of them).

  That’s all there is to it! I find this incredibly relaxing and it allows me to enjoy the story and all the job classes without staring at my game all day :).

  If you need any further guidance feel free to leave a comment or message me, whatever have you. I’ll be adding a few new comment options soon once I figure out how to make them tabs under the posts instead of full replacements.

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