Month: February 2014

What was the actual motivation behind the debt ceiling debate?

The odds are good that lately if you are here you are here for video game news or strategies (judging by analytics). I’m planning an update of the website layout that will help clean this place up and make it easier for people to find what they are interested in. But for now this website will continue being a jumbled mess of my thoughts. Today those thoughts come to the question of why billi...[Read More]

The Grand Success of the Mobile Market Failure

Imagine if I told you that I had a product and that that product appealed to .15% of all people that tried it. Would you consider me a success? Likely not, I’m sure you would look at me and think I’m some kind of moron who doesn’t know what I’m doing. But this is not what is happening in the Mobile Games market. Half of all their sales come from .15% of the people that they...[Read More]

Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Universal Boss Guide

So you’ve leveled to your heart’s desire and have more money than the merchantry. But you find yourself stuck on a particular pain in the buttocks boss. I’ve not yet beaten the entire game but I have found a strategy that has worked on every single boss up to the point where I am (I should be nearing the end as I have most of the jobs unlocked). Again this will be spoiler light. ...[Read More]

Do Spoilers Spoil Books or Movies?

Today I was compared to a young-earth creationist because I dared to disbelieve that spoiling entertainment has no detrimental (or indeed it has a positive) impact on my enjoyment. The level of patronizing in the criticism was such that I read the report that he cited to patronize me. That, I suspect, is where our experiences with the subject matter differed. Because once I had read it I went from...[Read More]

Humans aren’t getting smarter.

This title of this one might be a little misleading but I’ll try to explain what I mean. Specifically when I say humans I’m talking about humans that have existed during written human history. Something like from today back five thousand years. That seems like a fair number right? That puts us between 3000 BC and 2000AD roughly and within that realm we are looking at people who thought...[Read More]

Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Money Making

Given how many people have visited my last guide on Bravely Default I suppose its time to hook people up with a better money making tool. This one came about after I got the skill “Big Pharma” and realized I was looking at a veritable goldmine, a bit like actual Big Pharma. As with the previous guide I’m going to be making this as spoiler free as possible, thankfully the entire g...[Read More]

A Meteorite from Mars

Warning: The following is just rough math from someone who is tired and not all that good at math. Take with a grain of salt and just enjoy the general premise.   Imagine if you will a martian meteorite. They are mighty rare but even as rare as they are I can’t help but find wonder in their existence. The Earth is an incredibly big object, as is Mars, both of them are so incredibly large tha...[Read More]

Cats and Entropy

Today one of our kittens was climbing on the fridge and misjudged the distance she had to place her feet. A moment later I saw her hanging from the fridge door and I saved her with great haste. She was somewhat startled but otherwise ok. Our cats are strange little creatures, I love them both and every little annoyance they bestow upon me is met with lots of belly rubs [which does little to dissua...[Read More]

Night Terrors, Depression, and the Brain.

I haven’t updated in a bit but not for a lack of thoughts. Life has just been busy. First thing is that I fell down the stairs earlier this week and that really put a damper in my energy both mentally and physically. I was thinking about it after it happened and I wondered when I’d be “100%” but then I thought, does anyone ever really recover 100% from an injury? I wondered...[Read More]

Rico’s Bravely Default Guide: Leveling

Update: I recommend doing this only to job level 9 on most jobs until Chapter 5. At Chapter 5 you’ll want to use a new strategy which I’ll be writing up shortly (next day or so) to hit level 14 on all jobs in the blink of an eye. Click any of that sentence to go to the other post :p. I’m going to talk about how I power level and I’ll be keeping this as content light as poss...[Read More]

Reviews: Bacon Insider

I don’t believe I’ve ever done a food review before. This should be fun. Basically I saw this yesterday and thought “I suppose that could be fun.” Liz and I decided that we’ll take a walk there (about 1.2 miles roundtrip) and give it a go. At 5 dollars for the burger I knew that it was going to be quite an investment, but part of me thought that if it were even a 10th...[Read More]

A Sarcastic Proposal ~ Heavily Armed Motorists

Yesterday was one of those days where I grossly underestimated how long it would take me to finish events in a video game. As such I didn’t get a post out at that time. My energy is still fairly low today but we can still discuss something that I find somewhat interesting. As you are probably aware, the discussion of gun rights and the necessity for people to be armed is hotly debated in the...[Read More]

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