Month: January 2014

The Nintendo Paradox

There is a lot of talk in the gaming community about what Nintendo should do to improve their sales and it has gotten me thinking. Nintendo seems to be in a strange state and not one that happens very often for companies. The following is, as are so many things on this website, just my opinion and its mostly allegorical, hypothetical, or some other heavily opinion based thing. I am starting to fee...[Read More]

A Great Darkness Fell Over LA Today And Then The Rains Came.

It’s darker outside than I think I’ve seen night be in many years. California, especially the Greater Los Angeles area, have the unfortunate honor of possessing the worst roads I’ve ever driven on in my entire life.  Nothing can really prepare you for how terrible these roads are. Loose rocks from general disrepair fly up from tires and smack your windshield, cars swerve because ...[Read More]

The largest creature I’ve seen in a game of MTG

I don’t have much else to write about today. Today was a productive day but I’m rather sleepy and I’d like to go get some rest. I figured I’d leave you with the creature that my partner in a 2HG game today made during a rather long standstill between our side and the opponents side. I was trying to draw deep and give it rancor because it seemed like it was being wasted. I c...[Read More]

I Lua’rned some more today.

The second day of my Lua efforts have gotten me further along. It’s a slow but constant project that I think will fruit in the near future. The hardest part is integrating this thing with titan panel. The guides and templates that they provide for titan panel seem to either be wrong or unhelpful. That’s fine though, the guides appear to be for an outdated version. Though it would be ni...[Read More]

Learning a New Language ~ Lua

I had planned to write today and I did end up writing. Quite a lot, but it has been in a language called “Lua”. We’ve (Liz and I) been looking at mods on World of Warcraft and realized that they didn’t give us what we wanted. So we decided to make our own. For the scripting side of things I’m doing it myself. Lua is a strange language and I’ve spent most of toda...[Read More]

Website Update Plans & Echo Chamber Avoidance

The internet is a paradoxical beast. When it was first envisioned people thought that it might lead to this world of infinite information. Ignorance would be slayed and everyone would become like god: Omniscient and eternal. The internet hit and while there do exist some magnificent monoliths to the mind like Wikipedia or the Khan Academy the majority of it is being used for either porn (which I h...[Read More]

Should you be required to experience a weapon before you can wield it?

In the book Blink, Malcom Gladwell makes the compelling argument that firing a gun might temporarily cause a mental state not unlike autism.  My knowledge of autism at this time is fairly limited but I think specifically he is talking about the Aspergers syndrome side of Autism. He supports this theory with some interviews that have been taken from police officers describing what they experienced ...[Read More]

Poverty, Death, and our Fascination with a Dark World that does not exist.

There is something peculiar about the world. Well there are many peculiar things about the world. But one of the most damning is that people [in numbers great enough to appear to be the majority] actively believe the world is getting darker. They believe that things as a whole are getting worse. This might be true for the environment, when your dominant creature is building toxic waste facilities ...[Read More]

Is there always an Up?

We have a lot of sayings that involve the word “up”, Keep your chin up, Buck up, Keep looking up, and so on. But what exactly is up? I suppose we should establish that before my little random rant about it.   1. from a lower to a higher place or position 2. in a high position or place 3. toward the sky or ceiling There are actually a butt ton of definitions but I grabbed the summa...[Read More]

A Day to Reflect

Tomorrow I have a day off from work and I’m genuinely grateful for that. It is nice to have additional time to yourself. I don’t know what you’ll be doing during it but I would hope that at some time you take a moment to reflect. Not on anything particular and hopefully not on any incidents in your own past that you regret. Reflect on something random. Take a moment to reflect on...[Read More]

Inattentional Blindness & Ceiling Fans

The human brain is incredibly weird. There are quite a few things I’d like to write about but I think today we’ll discuss the wonders of a ceiling fan. In our bedroom there has been a ceiling fan for the last three days now. That might seem unremarkable to you but it raised a lot of questions for me. It was installed two days ago and the cords hang down well into my vision. When I lie ...[Read More]

The Essence of Innocence

I have some pretty simple outlooks on life, depending on what parts of life we are discussing. One of them in particular is my feelings towards uncontrollable variables. This is, at its core, a view that shuns patriotism and racism in the same breath. I don’t believe that people should be proud of things they do not control nor do I think they should judge others for those uncontrollable var...[Read More]

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