Month: December 2013

Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.30 ~ Matter Converter I Update, Oops Table, & File Formatting Changes!

I am not a fun of messy folders! So today during some downtime I went through and reorganized my file formats and folder setup to provide myself with a much cleaner and more efficient system! Does this help you? Well it kind of does because if I can work quicker and more efficiently I’ll get out more updates in a faster fashion! The major addition this time is the “Oops Table”! This fabulous green...[Read More]

Japanese Tits

       I am conducting a bit of an experiment. When you came here looking for Japanese Tits were you looking for these birds? If you were not, were you disappointed? Because man, these are some cute tits. I know they’ve made my night. Thank you imgur for this little gift. They are so adorable :(. Apparently Japan has all kinds of tits like this. Which apparently is a ...[Read More]

Starbound ~ The IOS Mod 1.21 ~ Matter Converter MK 2! & Tweaks

  Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I last updated! I’ve got big news on the front of “The IOS Mod”, namely that its’ been updated to the latest version of Starbound “v. Angry Koala”. Not only that but we have some changes to the mod!   It has been made more mod friendly and now does minimal changes while still getting you the same great flavor that it provided before! If you want...[Read More]

Toasters are really neat.

   When you think about the most reliable things in your house what comes to mind? I was recently thinking about it at Target after a conversation about fridges and toasters. Of these two the standout is the toaster. How many times have you replaced your toaster? Did you replace it because it stopped functioning or because you wanted one with more slots?   It’s strange though that i...[Read More]

Being ‘Appropriate’

  I am a big fan of using language for all that it is worth. Words are beautiful and they allow us to speak to one another without every moving our lips. We can make people read things loudly, whisper in their own heads, or even make people hear something said in the voice of someone that is not them.   But there are some who do not appreciate language as much as I do. They throw around ...[Read More]

Approaching the End (of 2013)

  My Skyrim videos instantly got flagged on YouTube. The new hardcore attack crackdown they have on Let’s Plays has got me swaying towards indie games. Games like Minecraft or Starbound won’t flag you and encourage you to do that sort of thing. That to me is admirable (and noble) and deserves to be rewarded.   Starting first thing with 2014 I’ll be getting back into wri...[Read More]

The Holidays

  Naturally my major gift today is being lazy. I actually did end up working some today as I didn’t want to leave someone screwed. But I didn’t mind, I enjoy what I do and that makes it acceptable. As for my haul for gifts that will be two fold, first the gifts from my in-laws come today (shown below) and Saturday will be the gifts from my parents (which are equally awesome). &nbs...[Read More]

Christmas Eve Laziness

  Well I’ve got lots of comics, little energy, and today went by way too fast. With that in mind we’ll just leave today with a link to my YouTube channel. I’ll be posting 5-15 minute clips of my Twitch run of Skyrim. I just need to get it stable but I figure that part of the journey is that instability.       Anywho, yeah, there you go. These will probably get...[Read More]

How to become a Millionaire ~ 1 Looping process and a fourth of your life.

  There is only one thing standing between you and greatness apparently. That one thing is 10,000 hours of practice in whatever you want to be great in. This takes around 10 to 20 years for most people. But will that thing you put a decade or two of your life into be worth anything by that time?   Sure we could argue that world class pianists will always have a place under the sun, there...[Read More]

Skyrim Modding ~ My Suggestions after 300+ hours of playing.

Edit: This may be changing soon. I’ve started playing again and I think I’ve got a better mod build this time around.   It’s that time of the year again where I completely delete all my Skyrim Mods and rebuild from the ground up. The first thing we want to do is rebuild the cosmetics that I was using. Naturally I’m one of those people that uses ENBs. About 98% of the q...[Read More]

The Truth about Camel Humps

  When I was little I heard the same thing every time I asked about Camels, “They store water in their humps because they live in the Desert.” It seemed reasonable, strange, but reasonable. Much like the lie about Taste Buds and brain usage, it stuck with me for decades unquestioned. I thought smugly from time to time about the ridiculous things lots of people believe and yet so m...[Read More]

Christopher Langan and Corporate College

  The story of Christopher Langan is a strange one. So strange in fact that I’d suggest you check out wikipedia and, as previously mentioned, the book Outliers. The story of his experience with college mirrored mine to such an extent that it actually depressed me on my drive home.   Both he and I were completely alone in our dorm areas, surrounded by folks more interested in smokin...[Read More]

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