Month: November 2013

The end of NaNoWriMo.

  I’m totally burned out today. I finished NaNoWriMo just in time for the end of the month and submitted my word count. It wasn’t easy but it was a ton of fun. In December I’m going to edit the story and probably put it up on Amazon to help expand my collection.     I do appreciate that they call me a winner. I suppose in some ways I have won. I took a rough transi...[Read More]

Cultural Norms and Japanese Bath Houses

  I’ve probably told you this story before. But I’m like an old man, I tell stories and eventually people will say “Yes, Grandpa.” and pat me on the head after I finish. This story takes place back when I was in high school, naturally this means you can’t visualize anything I’m about to say or you are a dirty criminal. DIRTY DIRTY CRIMINAL!   Feel pers...[Read More]

Foreshadowing is likely a reactive art.

  Mentally I’m preparing myself for the second to last day of NaNoWriMo. I find it important to just kind of write for a bit and then eventually you get into a groove. But what to talk about? Naturally this post will be time traveling and a second post will be cropping up on here sometime today. Maybe we’ll talk about foreshadowing then? They are related after all.   You migh...[Read More]

Formulating the Perfect Commute ~ Santa Clarita to Glendale

  This was a good week. I’m very tired but I’ve got 4 days now to enjoy life and recuperate. My goal this week was to figure out the drive to help reduce the number of lane switches and merging lanes that I’ll be dealing with. Just for fun I’ll tell you my drive in a nutshell. This is, as far as I can tell, the best way to drive from my home to work and back.   On...[Read More]

The Nuclear Douchebag

  So apparently Congress passed something that isn’t terrible. I find it awfully strange that it is called the “Nuclear Option”. Basically what happened is that for most things all you need to pass the law is 51% of the vote. This is also known as “How it was supposed to be.” I’m not certain at the moment but I think that’s how it was for ages.  ...[Read More]

Social Websites are Ingenious Monetary Engines

  I don’t plan to talk all that much today. I’m pretty tired and still recovering from relocating. I suspect that I’ll be writing every lunch this week to make it in time for the end of NaNoWriMo. I’m about 7K words behind because of the move days but that’s not impossible.   It’s not great but not impossible. Even if I don’t finish by the end of...[Read More]

Final Day without Internet ~ Modern Console Thoughts

  I find it awfully amusing that some companies believe that people will always have access to the internet. It was almost likely that we’d not have internet until sometime into December. If I had purchased an Xbox One (as it was originally proposed) I’d have a 400-500 dollar brick for nearly a month. That’s utterly ridiculous, I’m just pleased that no console I curren...[Read More]

How to Entertain without the Internet & Kanye Moment

  Today was another busy day. We replenished some of the items that were old and/or broken from our last apartment. The place is starting to look more and more like ours. This morning, which feels like so long ago now, the movers came and delivered all our stuff. They did a pretty great job, I’ve hooked up some of the electronics and it all appears to be working. The only thing that was broke...[Read More]

Highway Hypnosis ~ Thoughts from the SJ to LA Drive.

  This post is being written at 8:30 PM on Friday evening. I’ll be post dating it for Friday once we have internet on Monday. It turns out that the U-Verse (AT&T) rep that I spoke with just didn’t put any of my information into the system. That’s weird, but I’m not going to let it get to me, mistakes happen.   Because I won’t have internet for the next 72 hours I suspect I’ll be gett...[Read More]

12+ Hours of Sleep Feels Nice

  I slept from about a minute after I posted yesterday until 10:00AM this morning. Physically my joints still ache but my brain is quite happy. Sadly I won’t be able to write anymore for my story tonight because we are packing but I’m genuinely excited to pick it up over the weekend. In fact I’m just generally excited. This new job will be great. I’ve got a smart boss, which I think is essent...[Read More]

Sleep deprivation is strange.

  Staying up for over 24 hours starts to have really unusual side effects. Cognition slows down (I’m spelling things wrong), motor skills weaken (I’m repeatedly missing keys), eyes dry out like cacti, and your body begins to physically ache. This list isn’t covering everything, how could it, I can barely stay awake to write this much less actually think.   The project was arduous and dif...[Read More]

That first time you see a pulley diagram ~ Magical.

  Tomorrow morning a group of strangers will trade a few thousand US dollars in exchange for hauling all of our stuff from location A to location B. This is a business that I can’t really complain about, there is a need in the market and the service it. Ironically we’ve moved most of the boxes downstairs and I feel like I’ve already done the most difficult work for them. While moving things I...[Read More]

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