Tricking and Treating

  I had planned to have a treat for you tonight. I was working on the Rise of the Piscaureus today. But I got sidetracked and have not finished enough to make that an update. Tomorrow perhaps, I have a few more days before my new job starts to really plug away at it. It is coming later than I had planned but I also didn’t plan to quit one job and move to another over the last 30 days.

  I noticed that a colleague is trying to get their friends to come work at my old company. They’ll get a treat for doing so, incentives for hiring, but the people being hired will be in for a hell of a trick when they realize what they signed up for. I don’t plan to talk about the place much more than this. I just found it amusing that anyone watching everyone leave would think it was a healthy place for their friends.

  In the spirit of Halloween I’ve got three videos today for you to watch in place of meaningful written content. I say meaningful as if that’s normally what I write. Perhaps that’s some extra humor, an additional treat (or trick?) if you will.

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