Month: October 2013

Tricking and Treating

  I had planned to have a treat for you tonight. I was working on the Rise of the Piscaureus today. But I got sidetracked and have not finished enough to make that an update. Tomorrow perhaps, I have a few more days before my new job starts to really plug away at it. It is coming later than I had planned but I also didn’t plan to quit one job and move to another over the last 30 days. &...[Read More]

Working with the Dead & Detoxifying

    WordPress broke my comments section a little bit again with its most recent update. Normally I’d say that was highly disappointing but I’m much more relaxed than usual. I’ve had a headache for most of today because of a coughing fit earlier this morning but even that doesn’t appear to have soured my mood. I was trying to think of why this was the case, wh...[Read More]

Achievements for the online part of games makes me sad.

  The title of this actually explains pretty much all I wanted to say. I am finishing up Arkham Origins, nearly 100% on the content offline and gotten fairly good at combat. I went to check trophies and see what I was missing to find that something like half of all the trophies are online.   I don’t do online modes in just about any game. I don’t want to play games with peopl...[Read More]

Reviews: Batman: Arkham Origins

I’m not entirely sure I played the same game that other reviewers have played. Indeed the reviews elsewhere have been lukewarm at best or frothing mad at worse. In some ways I can understand the vitriol, but only as far as it pertains to the actual development and underwire part of this game. Arkham Origins is a game that feels painfully under tested and this really hurts what is otherwise (...[Read More]

Batman: Arkham Origins & Developing for Consoles

  Batman: Arkham Origins has thus far really impressed me as far as content goes. The interaction between Batman and the other characters is probably some of the best in the trilogy so far. I’m only about 30-40% through it, partially because of my obsession with side content. Seeing Gotham when it isn’t half sunk and turned into a prison is quite nice.   You’d think aft...[Read More]

Lectures are not for Learning.

  When I was in college I took a lot of notes when I was in my classes. Ironically these notes never helped me and ultimately I didn’t remember much of the lectures. The question to myself then was “Why am I even going to lectures?” At the time I had no answer. Recently I was listening to an interview with Richard Dawkins and he said something I wish I had believed and follo...[Read More]

The next chapter (of life)

  I won’t be writing much today. I just ended one book, metaphorically speaking, and am beginning another. Combine that with just genuine tiredness and I don’t have much to provide today. Soon though! I suppose since I’ve not got anything interesting from text I’ll provide a few very very interesting videos.

Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ A Raw Excerpt “1…2…3…”

The following is a raw run of a particular part of Rise of the Piscaureus. No edits and written tonight. So uh…be gentle or whatever.   When I was first born I remember looking out at the world and thinking of what majesty must lie out over the horizon. The shimmering crystal expanse had entranced me in ways that I could not, for quite some time, cope with. My mother was talented, or at...[Read More]

Adulterated Topics ~ Global Climate Change, Gun Control, Drug Legalization, Etc.

  There are certain topics in the world that have a really interesting quality to them. That quality is that you can almost never talk about them rationally. Just by mentioning them you will get people turning crazy and transforming from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. I don’t really want to talk about them today because I’m still recovering from a particularly nefarious hamburger (you wi...[Read More]

I don’t want predictability in Fast Food.

  When you go to fast food places you can generally predict after a single trip what every future meal you have from that place will taste like. Not just the general flavor but nearly down to the exact neural firing. It’s not a matter of familiarity but something more akin to cloning. The hamburger you have from McDonalds in Washington State is going to taste exactly the same as one you...[Read More]

Why Businesses (and Conservative Congress people) hate Single Payer.

EDIT: Never thought I’d find myself linking to fox news but here is an opinion piece they posted about someone signing up for ObamaCare. It is worth your time. A while back on the Daily Show Jon Stewart asked one of his guests why any business that complains about healthcare would be against a single payer option. He seemed perplexed about what advantages a business gains by paying for the h...[Read More]

How Capitalism necessitates censorship.

  I’ve mentioned before that I’m not too fond of hedonistic capitalism (aka modern capitalism or colloquially just capitalism). There have been various reasons in the past but I just came into conflict with another – Censorship.   When you are running a business, like say Facebook, you will be confronted with two realizations. The first is that you likely want to maximize you...[Read More]

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