Month: September 2013

The Psychology of Doing ~ To Verb and to be Verbed

  I was thinking earlier today about how easy it is for me to remember things that have happened to me in the past. Usually these things are negative. It builds this impression in your mind that history has it out to get you and that can be very overwhelming. But I was also thinking that as more and more time passes I am less and less convinced that my experiences are unique to me or that I a...[Read More]

Breaking Bad and Teen Murderers

  I just finished Season 4 of Breaking Bad on the day that Season 5 officially ends. This means that I’ve got to stealth through the shit storm that is going to be people the next week or so. Seeing as there is a lot of death in the show and murder of all sorts I figured I’d talk about something related. Have you ever seen on the news or in a newspaper a story about a 15 or 16 yea...[Read More]

The Star Trek economy is an inevitability of space travel.

  In the Star Trek universe there is no longer currency. People live their lives and act out of the greater good for society at large. There may be more to it, I love the show but I’m not extremely versed in the entire background of the universe. As it is the economy in a region as large as the US is almost impossible to manage properly. There are minimal differences in time and distanc...[Read More]

Thoughts about a Work Week

  Friday’s are such weird days. They are the beginning of the weekend. That short stretch of (in my case) 55 hours before the next 120 hours of work. The emotional spectrum of a week is really interesting. Monday there is this feeling of dread that births from the darkness. You know that there are 5 entire days between you and your next weekend.   Tuesday is not much better than Mo...[Read More]

Quantifying Weight Loss or Gain

  One of the hardest parts about working out is quantifying your progress. This is also a motivating factor in not being able to choose properly with your jobs, relationships, and basically everything else. The reason that video games are so easy to attach to and we are willing to put so much time into them is that most of them provide us with easily quantifiable data.   You kill X creat...[Read More]

3D Printing and Proliferating Art

Edit: Typical writer’s note. I wrote this while watching television. Never good for structure, phrasing, or quality. Your mileage may vary.   I just watched the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Hulu and I whole heartedly recommend it. This looks like it’ll be my replacement for Breaking Bad (and don’t tell anyone but I imagine I’ll like it more, Pinkman reall...[Read More]

Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Michael Strider

  The younger brother of Thomas Strider, Michael Strider is a war veteran who would rather forget. It is something of a cliché being a broken man from a failed war but for him this is reality. He saw things that no person should see, smell things that no person should smell, and heard things that no person should ever hear. Men, women, and children in all manner of horror. People with no righ...[Read More]

The Grand Theft Auto Philosophy

  Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to talk about something a little bit different today. I suppose I should figure out first what is on my mind and what I want to discuss. Grand Theft Auto V is quite nice. I’ve been enjoying the game and frankly I think it would make a wonderful platform for a lot of very exciting projects. Once the game is on PC I hope that some ...[Read More]

Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Thomas Strider

  Thomas Strider spent most of his younger life in the military with his brother. They had never expected that they’d go to war when they originally joined. It might seem naïve but they figured that being in the reserves meant that – well – they were reserved.   The US however had other plans for them and they found themselves overseas. The things they saw, it wasn’t an...[Read More]

Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ Micky Sprinter

A lot of boys say that girls have cooties. Micky Sprinter likes to hit those boys. Micky is at that golden age where girls are taller than most men and much like her fellow females she rules with an iron fist when the need be. The taste of power is something that is difficult to ignore and she most certainly does not. But this is of course only for the bad boys. The good ones know they have a soli...[Read More]

Quick Update and an actual F2P game suggestion ~ Card Hunter

  Today we’ll be taking a break from the story updates but only for today! I’m just very burned out from a very busy day. I feel like I’ll do better reading some comic books and shooting up folks in Grand Theft Auto 5. I’ll have some game reviews coming out in the next week likely. I say that far more often than I do that.   In the morning I’ll see the denti...[Read More]

Preview: Rise of the Piscaureus ~ David Tetsu

  David Tetsu is not the oldest kid in the group, nor is he the youngest, what he is is the tallest kid. Nobody really knows what happened to him. Maybe he was struck by lightning, maybe he drank chemicals, or maybe its something in that genetically modified chicken that was on the news.   Standing at a foot taller than his friends (and more than a foot taller than James) he’s not ...[Read More]

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