A hodgepodge of (incredibly) short updates.

  I can’t for the life of me beat that dirty ass capital ship at the end of FTL: Faster Than Light. I will probably temporarily put it on the shelf and move to some other game. Twitch is going well and I’m fairly happy with the evolution of this hobby. Obviously my major problem at the moment is exhaustion.

  Its amazing how much morale plays into your actual energy levels. I don’t really have much more to say about that because its more of an surprised observation.

  I’ll be trying to write some reviews for games that I’ve been playing lately. I’ll also potentially be doing reviews of comic books soon. I’ve recently started subscriptions at the local comic book shop and will see if it can be a nice temporary replacement for my MTG hunger.

  For the most part this is a small update. I still have plenty to talk about but time currently is not my friend. I’ll start cracking out the lemons and tea this weekend and maybe next week to amp up my project work. Mostly because it really does fall upon me to make something I think.

  The bane of my life.

This damn ship…this ship right here >: (.

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