Month: August 2013

Super Luigi Saturday Wii(th) U!

  Today was a pretty good day. I got in my Hauppauge HD PVR 2 which means I can now record console games. It’s going to be a bit of a logistical mess to get it going with the great UI layout that Liz made but as a first step I am quite pleased. It gives me an excuse to start making my way through my console games.   My first impressions of Super Luigi U is that it’s the Dark ...[Read More]

It’s a small world if you have a small mind.

  Note: I wrote this while watching videos. If you’ve ever written while listening to people talk you’ll know why I’m adding this note.   Tonight I’ll be using the absolutely excellent new layout that Liz designed for me for streaming on twitch. If you aren’t there you are officially square (or at least some kind of polygon). There is something inherently interesting about the internet a...[Read More]

Black Hole Fun Won’t You Come

  I had a random thought recently about the nature of dichotomies. There are many ways and many examples that show dichotomies to be vapid. But there is one in particular that I’m curious about. Allow me to take you on a short journey through a physics thought experiment that is largely based in ignorance but certainly not apathy. [Because obviously if I was apathetic I’d just shrug it off.] ...[Read More]

Birthday Gifts and Twitching

  It’s about time I set another goal for myself for the next living year. I’ve been told that 27 has been an exceptionally good year for at least one relative of mine. Given a rather random phone call I got today it is entirely possible that my 27th year will also be great.   I’m going to try and do either a written update daily or at least link to a Let’s Play or...[Read More]

Hot days, Birthdays, and Elvis days

  In about 30 minutes I will be turning 27. That’s quite strange. I feel like just yesterday I was playing games on the Gamecube or watching shows on Cartoon Network. Weirder still I can more vividly remember earlier events in my life than recent ones. College was basically a wash of time and space. It’s this large murky canvas that masks some sort of message underneath.   Na...[Read More]

Grocery Shopping in Tartarus

  Occasionally we go to the grocery store. It’s one of those unfortunate necessities that comes with being a living thing. They recently remodeled aisle 11 (dairy goods) and in the transition cooking crème stopped being a thing at our store. Which is unfortunate because the meal we are making this week calls for it. Liz apparently has a plan but it was incredibly bothersome.   Toda...[Read More]

Reviews: Saint’s Row IV

Saint’s Row IV is a lot of things and I have some trouble pinning down just how I feel about it. What we’ll do instead is quickly recap my experience and then I’ll give some insight into what I found good and perhaps less good about this game. If you are hoping for the kind of rage that a poor product can stir me into this won’t be one of those days. I promise to try and no...[Read More]

New Book! – Isles of Bellum – Birth of the Wyrd Mage

Howdy, I’m testing out the “publish later” function because I’m excited that its a thing! I didn’t realize this feature was hiding right under my nose. I have a new book out and its not even a short story! If you’ve been waiting for a book with a little meat on it I’ve got a 222 page thingamajig for you. Isles of Bellum – Birth of the Wyrd Mage   The...[Read More]

The Science of Sorry

Note: I’m writing this at 1AM after a day of being barely conscious. It might be gibberish.   I was thinking earlier today about the nature of apologies. I feel as though I give them out much less frequently now than I used to. There are a few reasons for this that I wanted to talk about. First why do we say “Sorry”. The reason that you would say you are sorry is because you...[Read More]

A step in the right direction.

  In the next 48 hours or so my first full length story will be released. I suppose it being the first part of a multipart series means its not technically “full” but at 220+ pages its considerably larger than my short stories. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll probably put a few dollars per day into marketing for it for a bit. I’m interested to see what kind of tra...[Read More]

One day to go! Story nearly ready for launch.

  I’m still on track to finish editing my story this weekend. I had quite a few hours cut out today because I went out and actually socialized with some old friends (and a few current). Sometime tomorrow afternoon I’ll be able to deliver my story to Amazon and hopefully Monday morning it will be available. This will be the first long form story that I’ll have for sale.  ...[Read More]

Reviews: DuckTales Remastered HD

DuckTales was and still is one of my favorite games from my childhood. It might be in the top 25 games of all time for me. This is one of the only games that was every stolen from me and it is something that I have nothing but fond memories about. The sprite work, the music, the controls, everything about the original was tight and damn near perfect. It was one of the only instances in gaming hist...[Read More]

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