Super Meat Bastard Than Light!

  I missed a day but I wasn’t exactly looking to do daily updates (I prefer them but life finds a way to make me forget). Over the last 24 hours I’ve played a few games on Twitch.Tv and had a pretty good time. In particular I finished all the light world missions of Super Meat Boy in about 3 hours [blind marathon]. The last level before the final boss drove me into a mad rage that I fully believe was not well expressed by my face.

Watch my suffering here!

  I also played Stealth Bastard Deluxe and noticed it was made with gamemaker. That inspires me and shows me just how excellent that game creation software is. I’ve also started light work on Publishing[Squared]. Basically I’m mapping the prototype build map and preparing models. This is all work that doesn’t take much time but I’m trying to balance it with my story work.

  30 Days to Die might be one of my favorite recent projects. I don’t know how it will turn out but I think I’ll be happy no matter what the end result is.

  There is a lot on my mind and still quite a lot to talk about in the coming week. I met with a doctor on Friday about my pain and unfortunately he basically just told me its something that I’ll be dealing with for between two and twenty years. That’s quite a range! I’ll probably go elsewhere for a second opinion if I end up somewhere that I’m not paying a hundred dollars a test before insurance hooks me up. That 14 minute meeting with the doctor probably cost me 140 dollars [one test that probably cost them all of 2 dollars]. The bill will get here in a few months.

  I’m going to get going now though. I want to put more time into the story. Lately I’ve found that work has kept me grounded. Not professional work but personal. It helps calm my mind and keep me together. For me I feel like any time currently spent stagnating and deciding is just killing me. I tend to load up steam games much quicker with less downtime, get to writing much quicker, and just in general I move from task to task faster. Its essential for now.

  I leave your now with one of my favorite pictures from the internet.


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