Month: July 2013

Gravitation ~ a few more thoughts. Needs more cubes.

  I want to take a very short journey along a thought I had earlier about gravity. I’m sure everyone finds themselves staring blankly at work their minds awash with whatever mundane task has somehow become theirs. It is in this moment naturally that you start thinking about physics and the universe at large. Not boobs or anything like that I presume? Good. As long as we understand one another...[Read More]

Super Meat Bastard Than Light!

  I missed a day but I wasn’t exactly looking to do daily updates (I prefer them but life finds a way to make me forget). Over the last 24 hours I’ve played a few games on Twitch.Tv and had a pretty good time. In particular I finished all the light world missions of Super Meat Boy in about 3 hours [blind marathon]. The last level before the final boss drove me into a mad rage that I fully bel...[Read More]

Weiner’s wiener wiggling into politics (and I don’t know why it matters)

  I was very confused a couple years ago (I believe it was in 2011) when Anthony Weiner stepped down from his position in government because it was revealed that he likes to talk dirty and send pictures of his wiener to women on twitter. (Scandalous!)   I couldn’t see how any of this was relevant to politics and I’m still not entirely certain. There are 535 people in congress that are do...[Read More]

Cop Killing and Retail Work

  A while back I was thinking (something I do accidentally on occasion) and I realized just how bad it would suck to be in a warzone. I am not a fan of violence outside of violence for fun. Sparring with other people is delightful and fun and I highly recommend it to anyone with the body to do so. Heck even if you don’t just take up something like casual boxing. It’s incredibly refreshing. &n...[Read More]

Smugness towards electric cars is misguided

  You’ve met them in your work place. Heck you’ve probably got them in your own family. The people who see or hear about an electric car and say something super smug like “Oh I wonder where they are getting that energy? Oh right! A power plant! I’ll stick with my Ford F1500 Quad Cab Long Bed Double Diesel Octo Exhaust Pickup.”   When I first heard this I remember part of my brain melting...[Read More]

Gaming for Girls ~ A moment in the life of a lady

  I tried to verbalize this in my feelings on this topic on twitch. I did poorly so I’m going to say it again in text! Everyone likes reading more than listening! Here is a play by play of my first and likely only experience where I sort of understood where women are coming from with the complaint about male protagonists being all over the goddamn place. Note: I respect women and do feel they...[Read More]

23 Skidoo

  No updates for P2 tonight. I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that for the work week I probably cannot watch YouTube if I want to finish my personal projects. I’ve all but given up Reddit – only using it sparingly on late night occasions when I wouldn’t be doing anything productive.   My lunch today consisted of writing for an hour and a half which felt very good. I suspect this w...[Read More]

P2 ~ Emotions and Personalities.

  Welcome back! As you’ve noticed I’ve shortened the headers to “P2” and will be placing the logo to the game at the top of the posts to make them more obvious. My ideal logo will actually feature letters that look like cubicles with our little square avatars plodding away at work inside of them. For now I’ve decided to go with the “font” called cubicle and to highlight the rainbow of emotion...[Read More]

Publishing² ~ The Traits of an Employee

I haven’t actually been taking notes throughout the day on this topic. It’s been brewing in my brain alongside that warm thumping of pain in my abdomen. But I think I have an idea of what we are looking to work with. Lets see what becomes of this little project! The number of traits that we will be covering must sum up to a number that produces a polygon at least as large as a pentagon and going u...[Read More]

Publishing² ~ The Wheel of Emotions

The actual name of the project is Publishing² but that little power of two is ravaging the header when I upload it. So we’ll just do it this way and I’ll make up a nice logo and everyone wins. After uploads I’ll edit the title too because I’m anal about it. Tonight I want to discuss the preliminary idea of the emotional spectrum for the game. This is only the first draft and may not be what I end ...[Read More]

A Sunny Perspective

Ever looked to the sun not for real it’ll burn out your eyes it glows brighter than anyone but when they look to the skies they say “Look how far we are from the closest star.” “They must be so great with their celestial gait.”   You gave them that warmed the seas and charged the vat Even when they turned away Asking where you’d go your fires stretched across the skies and caused the moon to ...[Read More]

My Next Gaming Project ~ Publishing²

Inspiration comes from the strangest places and I’d like to take a short period of time tonight to do the first half (maybe the first third) of an explanation of my upcoming game project. It’s inspired but my job, my life, and the game “Game Dev Story”. What I want to build is a game where people experience what video game publishing is actually about. When I was meeting with users I heard them al...[Read More]

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