FBI Copyright Warnings and Truth Commercials are silly.

  So when I was a younger person with a smaller income I came across the vast majority of my entertainment via the “interwebz”. For the record I don’t think its immoral and had the option not been available I simply wouldn’t have had any experience with the material. There was no money for me to be spending in the first place so there was none to earn. In the end what they got was me liking their products and in my later life I ended up buying stuff because we had built a relationship (unbeknownst to them).

  With that out of the way I want to point out something that I never saw until I actually acquired something legally.
  You bought this? Well kindly go fuck yourself.

So you are telling me the FBI has nothing better to do than fight piracy? Really? Maybe they aren’t all that useful then.

  Who is this for? Did I really just get threatened by the company that I gave my money to? That’s a bit strange, imagine if gas stations did this? You get your gas and a sign pops up that says if you steal gas they’ll stab you. You already paid for the gas? Why are you being told that copying it is illegal?

  Now I know who this is technically for, the few (what…1 in 1 million?) people that are putting these things up online. Have you seen how many different scene groups there are? Not all that many when you consider how many people there are on the internet. Basically they are using the shotgun approach to getting the message out. This is like the original version of crapping on the customer (DRM being the modern equivalent).

  I don’t get it, it just gets me off to a bad start. I’m insulted, its like I handed someone money for a meal and they dropped a steamer on it in front of my face. “This is what you get criminal.”

  Criminal? Jerk, I just threw 80 dollars at you for something I could have gotten for free…without this warning…in like 15 minutes. I paid you, waited for this in the mail, and now this is the first thing you tell me? Not thanks for buying this, not we love people like you, just…don’t copy this or you are going to prison you monster.

  I have a pretty steadfast rule to try and avoid buying anything that I see commercials or advertisements for. I don’t suggest you do the same, it’s a personal and irrational quirk of mine. Most commercials are condescending and it sticks with me for ages upon ages.

  Speaking of condescension….

  truth? arguable.

  Honestly if I didn’t know better these commercials would drive me to smoke. I had the good fortune of knowing other kids and teens that smoked when I was younger and the terrible smell they gave off, the way their personalities changed when they tried to quit, and the general coincidence that they were morons caused me to find no appeal in drugs.

  Are all smokers morons? No. I wouldn’t do it but I have nothing against others that do (minus the smell), smoke them if you want to and don’t stop till you drop…I guess? But that’s not my point, what is the deal with truth commercials? What happened to treating people like adults? The only reason that cigarettes have the big fan base that they do is because they spent a metric ton of money convincing people that they were a good idea. The same is true with alcohol, both of these things would always have a consumer base but the reason they have such disproportionate consumer bases is because of unbelievable mountains of cash.

  Also helps that most alternatives were made illegal by no small effort of either party.

  Now again this isn’t a moral thing for me. Some people want to ride their bikes without a helmet, some people want to skydive, some want to go out and wrestle giant octopus, people sometimes want to do really weird things that make little sense to me. Well ok…skydiving actually sounds really exciting, but the rest is weird.

  The latest Truth ad said that “Cigarettes contain methane, you know what else contains methane? Dog Poop.”

  … What?

  Ok, I’ll admit that this is true but I’m going to need to stop the commercial right there. Do you know what else contains methane?


  If you want proof I suggest you take a gibble gobble of some chili. You’ll be making methane in respectable amounts. Does that mean you are a dangerous cancer causing drug or a pile of dog shit?

  Not necessarily no, I don’t want to dash your hopes if you were hoping you were either of those things. But I like to think you are a swell person and you probably smell like roses. I mean…you are here after all.

  They do this constantly though, truth commercials are the most condescending patronizing piles of garbage that I’ve ever seen on television.

  Really? Worse than Jersey Shore? Yes. Worse than Reality TV? Yes. Worse than whatever MTV or the History Channel are getting their highest ratings from? Yes.

  This garbage is an unnecessary waste of time and if it has any sort of effect on others like it does on me its doing little to stop people from smoking.

  You know what has a big impact on smoking? Cutting off their ability to advertise on every channel, every movie, and every music video. Once that happened the numbers started to drop. It’s not rocket science, these things aren’t attractive by default. They need an incredible amount of work and money to keep people interested.

  At any rate, I can’t stand the truth commercials and feel they are one of the poorest uses of money on television. It could be put towards a thousand and one better things and I find it quite unfortunate.

  truth babies

  I…just…what? Are they trying to sell me a Playstation 3?

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