Month: June 2013

Robocop, Roboroach, and Roboats!

I was told by my darling wife that not having a sidebar is so incredibly egregious an error that there are literally web designers dying every time my website gets a hit. I will be having it return once I resize it to something I can accept. But until then enjoy the wideness! Let the lines carry you along on a wonderful journey left to right. Darn! I had finished the post almost and it crashed. We...[Read More]

Let’s be awkward together!

  Howdy! So I’ve decided to try and deal with my social anxiety issues by starting a Let’s Play style channel. Its beginning on Twitch and once I get my bearings I’m going to start uploading YouTube Videos. and when I’m actually playing   If you see me playing a game that interests you I’ll play it...[Read More]

Emotional Event Horizon & New Horizons

Emotional Event Horizon Emotional event horizon get too close and you’ll fall in never be whole again torn to strands and torn some more keep on falling waiting for the floor like a Tetris block each hope incomplete but once you try it flickers and fades once again defeat Light not from within it bleeds from the edge what looks like a win is naught but mirage echoes of the past Push as hard ...[Read More]

FBI Copyright Warnings and Truth Commercials are silly.

  So when I was a younger person with a smaller income I came across the vast majority of my entertainment via the “interwebz”. For the record I don’t think its immoral and had the option not been available I simply wouldn’t have had any experience with the material. There was no money for me to be spending in the first place so there was none to earn. In the end what they got was me liking t...[Read More]

Moose and the Darkness walk into a room…

  I wanted to write about something a little more lighthearted than I sometimes do here. This is something that I’m sure the internet needs more of, namely cats. What’s that? You’ve seen cats on the internet before? You must be a veteran.   This is Artemis, our little monster. She has over time collected a series of nicknames. For a while we would say her name by stretching out the sylla...[Read More]

Why is Twitter better than Facebook?

  So I’ve been thinking lately about social networks. I have accounts on a few of them and I’ve wondered what it was about each that appealed to me. I find that more often than not I only have negative things to say about these programs. I suppose we’ll start with that first.   Historically humans have had ebbs and flows of their lives as it pertains to other humans. You meet people in J...[Read More]

The Fall of the Arcade, F2P Games, and Why Microsoft missed its mark with the Xbox One

  A while back I realized that I loathe free to play games. I’ve given them new names, avoided them, gotten nauseous at news of games I like turning into them. There is something about them that disgusts me like year old moldy cheese.   I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, and I can’t even recall if I mentioned this once I did discover what was up. I talk about so many things on this...[Read More]

Humans revisited ~ Do we act like gases?

  A few posts back I went into some blathering about humans and if we are really divorced from nature. I just wanted to link to a very relevant video on YouTube that popped up today. Discusses a paper that found that people act a lot like energetic gases in mosh pits. Bringing back that idea that perhaps we are really just extensions of nature and I like when micro and macro activities end up...[Read More]

Modern Capitalism murders quality

  What is the modern idea of success in business? If you are a publicly traded company the only measure for success is the increase of total profits this year (or this quarter) compared to the previous year (or quarter). The majority of conversations I’ve had with people about business end with this being seen as acceptable and the natural course of Business. In the world of business morality...[Read More]

Kitty Cats and Artificial Intelligence

  There is something I really enjoy about living things that isn’t well simulated in games quite yet. I noticed it earlier while lazing about with my wife and our cats. She was playing with a headband to catch their attention as they both sat nearby.   Artemis look at the headband and then around the room, presumably she was either unenthused or she was looking for areas of attack. Knowi...[Read More]

Medications and Reflections on Myself.

So I’ve come off the anxiety medication I was on. I believe between it and the muscle medication I was taking that it was the one more directly impacting my ability to speak. We’ll see if I am correct in the coming week or two. I liked that it was leveling out the lows and making the highs more noticeable in my life but I happen to start on it right at the moment that things were finally going rig...[Read More]

Are Humans Natural?

  It’s a big thing with food, the notion of “natural” food products. I’m a big fan of things being made of components that came about via natural processes. So I’m not saying I don’t understand the idea of nature, I certainly do and I admire it. What I’m wondering is if people are just an extension of nature.   Whenever I look at maps of cities or towns they always look to me like constr...[Read More]

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