Month: May 2013

Where will you be?

  You ever done something strange? Say, for instance, writing about how you felt like you nearly died and then just not updating your journal anymore after that? I certainly did that, what a sour note to leave this place on. A lot has happened since my last update, not much of it I can discuss without jeopardizing my own relaxing feelings. There is a question that every person gets asked at l...[Read More]

GI Tract Infection ~ Can feel kinda like dying.

Writer’s note: This post is going to talk about bodily functions up to and including crapping. If you have a vivid imagination or are easily grossed out you might want to skip this post. I don’t feel these are things people should really be ashamed about so I’m mentioning it with hopes that it’ll help educate other people who end up as scared as I was. Hopefully people googling their symptoms will...[Read More]

Reviews: Bioshock: Infinite

Bioshock infinite was for me one of those rare experiences in gaming where something truly entranced me. I tried my best to stay away from the internet between when I bought it (before vacation) and when I finally got to play it (last week and again this weekend). This game is wonderful and beautiful. It’s a difficult game to talk about because so much of it is tied to the story. I’m sure that mos...[Read More]

Melancholy Clocks

  Seventaps on a glass screensilence stingswelts upon the dreamserenity ThousandMiles more betweenbarbed tongueconfident no onevacancy Minuteslost to waitingscales crawlAtlas shruggedmelancholy  

Google Glass and Cultural Progress

    Google Glass is seen as a dangerous new step into the global panopticon. It is a well known truth that people act differently when they don’t know if they are or are not being monitored. But the question you should be asking is why?   This, I think, is a simple question to answer. I call it the Facebook life, this is perhaps ironic because it has existed for thousands upon thous...[Read More]

The Mediterranean Trip ~ Paris PT. 1

  Here I sit, in California, more awake than I’ve been since I got back from the trip. Many unknowns still plague my mind and the question of what comes next is unusually difficult for me to answer. But I’ve got good music jingling in my ears and I want to finally start discussing our trip to Europe. It was, as is true with so many beautiful moments in my life, tainted in some places but stil...[Read More]

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