Month: April 2013

Double Jet Lagon

  I went to bed last night thinking things were going well and then I found myself waking up at 1AM. Oh dear, I thought, this is quite unfortunate. Over the day my brain has melted more and more, each hour adding up to some crazed sum.   So I’m going to go sleep again before my eyes jump out of my own head. I don’t want you to miss out on your visit though. You came here expecting some a...[Read More]

Vacation Yay ~ Primer

  It has been quite a while! I’ve finally returned from Europe after a two week vacation around the Mediterranean. I want to be real poetic and wordy today but frankly we came back to ridiculous heat and I’m still feeling it from the half a day of flying. What I will do instead is prepare you for what is to come over the next few weeks.   First I’ll discuss American Airlines and the firs...[Read More]

Why Lightspeed?

Have you ever been sitting around and thinking to yourself “I wonder why nothing but light can travel at the speed of light? What is so special about 300 million kilometers per hour?” I’m sure you do, if nothing else this has to be something that shoots through your head after the chipotle kicks in. That and perhaps what that bathroom graffiti is trying to say. “Larry Ez Hamo”, thanks I guess bath...[Read More]

How to make a giant Dorkly of yourself. [EA Vs. BOA]

I don’t know how I’m going to frame this but I feel like too many people are getting a smug self satisfaction from the victory by EA over Bank of America in the “Worst Company in America” Contest. I’m just going to do what I do and see if something comes out of it. We’ll work down the fake letter and cover all the errors in its reasoning. So we’ve got the targets. The consumerist is upset with Hal...[Read More]

Zeno’s Paradox ~ To Infinity and Beyond

  I don’t know how much I’ll be doing these posts where I post a video and then discuss my feelings on it but I have a few lined up. For various reasons I will be unavailable for website updates (most likely) in the coming weeks but it doesn’t look like I updated all that much anyways. There are many reasons, some emotional, some physical, and other times just a matter of bad time management....[Read More]

A Tale of Two Working Worlds

So I’ve been thinking lately about job security and how the world (or at least the US) is changing in terms of job options and job security. I think we are watching a transition, traditional business and traditional jobs are becoming obsolete. That obsolescence isn’t because they are naturally becoming less important but because the business models that surround them are too dated and self destruc...[Read More]

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