Month: March 2013

A Selection Pressure Primer ~ Evolution for Dummies by a Dummy

So I think the largest problem with understanding evolution for people is that they put the egg before the chicken (so to speak). I’m discussed evolution before but I wanted to do it in a way that makes it fairly obvious to anyone and everyone. When you think about various changes in animals such as flippers, eyes, mouths, or anything in between you might wonder just how those came to be? We’ll st...[Read More]

A Hallmark Moment at Safeway

  We were walking through Safeway today when I started thinking about the mark up on products. This is just a thought but I wonder if you could get an accurate understanding of the profit margins on a product by how large their shelf real estate is? Take for instance the case of A1 Steak Sauce Vs. Hallmark Cards.   I only pick A1 because I saw it seconds after having this thought but thi...[Read More]

New Places; Old Faces

Tomorrow is the first day in our new office and I’m uncertain if it will be a new opportunity or the final straw. It’s difficult to gauge because too many variables are involved and quite a lot of them are erratic and unpredictable. I’m not a big fan of that, uncertainty in something as fundamentally important as a job is never good for morale. In other news western medicine might be onto somethin...[Read More]

Pay or Play: The Most Popular Modern Model of Gaming.

  There are a few caveats to this title, the first is that I don’t have the numbers to support that the “Pay or Play” model is the most popular in terms of user counts. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case because when I say “most popular” I mean the model most readily accepted by businesses entering the field and the most common model across >all< mobile devices.   The seco...[Read More]

No, Pain, No Gain

Well then, I should just resign myself to being very unmotivated for a bit. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised seeing how poorly I handle pain. I believe I’m about halfway through the antibiotics and I’m not entirely sure it is helping. Overall my symptoms do appear to have migrated down to a single area but it leaves me wondering. Did it take too long to find the problem? Have I even found the pr...[Read More]

I want to like Corporations.

  Well I’ll be diggity darned, I don’t quite feel like there is a hot knife slicing through my gut. That’s a pleasant surprise so I figure I better take this opportunity to write something. I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now, we were in Safeway walking through the canned food aisle and I looked at a can of Campbell’s Soup.    Just seriously looking at it and wishi...[Read More]

Impacts of Poor Health

  I haven’t updated in a while. It isn’t that there hasn’t been a lot to talk about, I’ve been genuinely wanting to update. However lately I’ve been dealing with a remarkable amount of pain, the kind of relentless pain that just exhausts you.   By Friday of this week I could barely keep my mind together to even work. It fluctuates, today I’m mostly just exhausted and a bit numb, but when...[Read More]

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