Month: February 2013

Protecting History – All consoles should be backwards compatible forever.

So the official announcement for the Playstation 4 is that it won’t have backwards compatibility. I find this highly disappointing. It is true that there was a large period of time where consoles were not backwards compatible, I may be mistaken but I recall the Gameboy Advance being the first console (well handheld) to be able to play its own games and the games from the previous generation. This ...[Read More]

Excel and a Dynamic Text Alteration Example

Today was not a terrible day. I had some good experiences with Excel today. Basically we had 2,226 lines of text where the message was “itemname+itemlevel” so if it was a +1 sword it would say “sword+1”. This syntax annoyed me to such a grievous degree that I decided I needed to fix all 2.2K lines. However I’m as frugal as I am anal about things and I needed to find a way to do it quickly. The pro...[Read More]

Life at the Speed of Sound

  So you’ve probably heard the old mind game puzzle of “If you had a length of wood the distance of the solar system and you pushed on your end of the wood, would you push whatever is on the other side at a speed greater than the speed of light?”   I’m sure it was told different to you but at least for me this seemed like a profound point. Could data be transmitted faster than the speed ...[Read More]

Walking on the Right Side of Life.

  So I had the delicious misfortune of ending up in the Mall today. I am a pretty positive guy (or I try to be) and I genuinely like humanity (or I try to) but I can find so little good to say about people in a mall. There is just something about that environment that drives me nuts, people become pushy and impatient and they do the most irrational things.   Why, for instance, do some pe...[Read More]

Death of a Wizard

  Today was a strange day. I’d like to talk about it further but it would all amount to the following: I feel like some people just don’t understand how to do their jobs. It’s a darn shame and I hate to see good people suffer for it.   I hope life treats you better than today did, you are a good guy, smart fella, creative magic player, and a hard worker. What happened was basically a fai...[Read More]

Approaching Disappointment Positively

  So I was about to write this post and I grabbed my headphones and noticed that one of our kittens had chewed them up. These are not, you know, cheap headphones. But seeing as it happened when I’m trying to explain how to approach disappointment I suppose it couldn’t have been better timed. I just need to keep the cat away from anything she can get her mouth around or claws on, because they ...[Read More]

Wage Slavery and my Childhood

It’s dead quiet in the office, everyone else has gone home for the day and I am still here. I didn’t update yesterday but hopefully a 2:45AM update will be enough to satiate people so that they forgive me. Today I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind in one way or another and after reading a beautiful post on the topic I decided I want to chime in. I recently got my credit card ...[Read More]

Fiber, Flubber, and Mr. Ninja Poo

I have two stories about my day, both in a way related to the bathroom. The first was a foray into chemistry that delighted and disgusted me. For those of us that need more fiber in our diet there are multiple options, eating fruits, eating vegetables, supplements, or dark ritual human sacrifice. I’m using some of the supplements to do just that, supplement my diet. Its this orange sugary substanc...[Read More]

Living a Fruity Pebbles Life.

  Fruity pebbles have likely the best smell of any cereal ever created. I don’t know what it is about them but the smell is lovely. It’s full and vibrant much like actual fruit. The biggest shame is that its basically crap, you are much better off having actual fruit. In those moments though, where fruit is hiding, a bowl of fruity pebbles does me just fine.   I only mention it because I...[Read More]

Heisenberg, the Particle Wave, and Why.

  So one of the big things about photons is that they act as both a particle and a wave. That is to say that they when observed act as though they are bullets, singular predictable entities and when they are no observed they seem to act like a wave.   I’m not a physicist, I’m just random person number six billion and two. But I want to go over why I think this is and basically give you a...[Read More]

Your Spouse is Different.

  I’ll start off today’s point with a short conversation at the end of a rather epic cold war MTG game. (In the end I won pretty hardcore, but for about an hour and a half we basically just kept building up and tearing down one another’s armies with nobody attacking). I was playing Zedruu, one of my favorite cards.   Me: Today you have learned that you can’t trust a woman.   B: Oh? ...[Read More]

Nu-Xandar, The Living Planet ~ They called him. . . Ego.

  Ego is a fascinating creature from the Marvel universe. He’s one of the few creatures that actually commits genocide in the comics (that I’m aware of). At one point he turns good and lets a civilization live on his surface, something happens and he snaps and he absorbs everyone. Just melts an entire race of people. Crazy shit. Hey Sexy, you look delicious.   Ego floats around the galax...[Read More]

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