Month: January 2013

Welcome back Doc.

  Well tomorrow I go back in for a checkup. November 30th was when I first wrote about these interesting pains of mine. I’m hoping that tomorrow will bring me some more clues, maybe by the end of this I can write a “If X things are happening to you, you aren’t going crazy but have Y.”   For now however that is only my wishful thinking. I shall hope and go grab some water. Never too early...[Read More]

Pollution and How to subtly admit you hate your children.

Imagine a future where the air is literally toxic, the land ceases to bare safe food, and even the water will kill you. This is a place of nightmares, a world of biological decimation. Folks chat about it, we discuss how far off this future is and we talk about how much we should care. But there is a (if I may) dirty little secret to this talk and that is that it is already happening. China is sho...[Read More]

Back from the Land of the Dead.

Well it has been quite a while. This post won’t be very long because my brain is still mush. Basically there was a contest on Amazon and I rewrote and finished my first book in about two weeks. Will I win? Probably not, I have a feeling I won’t even make it past the first stage but that doesn’t really bother me. Once I know for certain I’ll get it patched up and add a few pictures (probably with t...[Read More]

The Pitch ~ What I have currently.

  The fabric of Bellum is unraveling. Generations of lies have boiled over and birthed a great evil. But all may not be lost — from these mistakes comes another. Deki awakens from the nothing, battered and beaten to near death. His first moments are those of raw flesh and wrought iron. He is thought a monster, and only by the good grace of the town mayor does he survive the night. Deki is los...[Read More]

Day 2 ~ The Pitch

  Today, and likely tomorrow, my major project has been the “pitch” for my book. This is proving to be incredibly challenging for me and somewhat stressful. Luckily the feedback I’ve gotten from the helpers over at Amazon has been informative and I understand what I am missing. It will be my job in the next 24 hours to try and work that feedback into what I have and remain beneath 300 words. ...[Read More]

An Interesting Challenge

  So apparently there is a contest on Amazon to earn up to 50,000 dollars in a publishing contest. The short hand of this news is that I’m going to be very busy this week and updates are going the be scarce. May the caffeine gods do me justice.   Don’t fail me now!

Six Easy Pieces Mini Review and Thoughts

  So I’m just finishing up Richard P. Feynman’s “Six Easy Pieces” and figured I’d give a thought, initially at least, of how I feel about it. This is a solid book, I would recommend it to anyone interested in the topic. Feynman is famous for being able to speak in a way that makes you feel like you “get it” only to find yourself after the lecture completely lost. He was a man who was entranci...[Read More]

Perfect Cloning

  One of the common problems with cloning films is they assume that if you clone someone in a vat that they’ll come out having your same feelings and thoughts. This is obviously wrong, the odds of two people being exactly the same (even with the exact same genes) are extremely poor, I’ve heard some random trivia online but I’m guessing most of it was chain mail quality infor...[Read More]

Math is a Game

So I’ve been thinking about it for a short while now, literally a very short while, today basically but I find that Mathematics is very much a game. It’s kind of a sad revelation seeing as I am far from school now and it would have been helpful information when I was in school. When teachers tell you that math is fun they don’t really sell it. The books are dry, the presentations are dry, the enti...[Read More]

Nihilism and the Matrix ~ Tiresome ‘edginess’

  There was recently a pair of videos done by Extra Credits on the topic of Religion in games. I figured it would be fun to listen to because I’m always interested in both these topics and I figured putting them together would be fascinating. What came from it was an incredibly poor argument and some misquotes of Einstein (because that’s what you do when you want to look smart).   I will...[Read More]

Immortality and the things that stick with us.

  It’s a bit weird to think about the problems that come along with things that I like. For one I would like to live forever and I think that is all I’ll really talk about in this particular post. When thinking about living forever you come into a few complications.   The first is obviously aging, you would need to find some kind of way to stop aging or to reverse it for short periods of...[Read More]

Guns and Safety: A Shot in the Dark

  So when I have maintenance at work I won’t be able to post those nights usually. The way I’m going to “game” the system is to post them at “13:37” the previous day with live writer. I’ll also try to post a new post about something else for the day as well at whatever actual time I write it.   I just wanted to momentarily talk about gun violence and gun regulation, that way I can get it...[Read More]

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