Month: December 2012

Last Day of 2012

  We’ve officially made it to the end of 2012 and I can’t quite believe it happened so fast. This is incentive as ever that I need to be productive in the next year. If I don’t I could very well see my entire life flash before my eyes and that would be entirely upsetting.   This should be an interesting year for work. We have new leadership (again) and he seems pretty diehard on control ...[Read More]

New Years Resolutions

  There is a predictable motion to the year for most humans. Our shared adoration for generic music, generic faiths, generic stories, all these things are constant reminders that the human experience is largely generic. There is nothing wrong with this even though many people would argue otherwise and it isn’t necessarily what I wanted to talk about.   I want to make some new years resol...[Read More]

Magic the Gathering and the Clock

  So I was playing a few games of Magic today with colleagues and a particular situation came up that made me want to talk strategy. I’m not a professional magic player and the advice I’m about to give might not even be good. This is just how I think and it rarely fails me, it might not even be unique to me and may just be the conventional strategy that I finally figured out. Regardless I tot...[Read More]

Why I dislike Facebook.

    You probably use Facebook, I’m sure I could do a quick Google and pull some grotesque number where half the world’s population is spending 90 trillion years on Facebook every month or something else equally hyperbolic. This has little to no bearing on why I dislike it, and I’m not even going to check if I just used the right spelling for bearing, because if I’m wrong at least I ...[Read More]

An Open Apology to Amazon

  Hey Amazon, how have you been? So we’ve been friends for many years now, I come and hang out at your crib and you provide me with help and all the tools I need to have a jolly good feeling life. It’s like every time I think “Man I wish I had X.” I can turn to you and you’ll have it in ninety different shades and from thirteen different manufacturers.   I mean, it hasn’t all been great,...[Read More]

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