Month: November 2012

The Mobius Tragedy

Poetry branching off endlessly across the open sea all the colors brilliantly thinking up infinity expanding eternally through the vacuum we see doom bringing an empty room full of options and endings curtains and mending bones and dead zones each strictly lined humanity forcibly blind sided by the heat wave that paved their grave stone standing alone in that open sea it floating all alone all the...[Read More]

Turd Talk, Porcelain Pandering, Crappy Conversation, etc…

  I was trying to think of what I wanted to write about and frankly I’ve had something on my mind for the last couple of weeks. As you may or may not know, or care to know, I’ve had some remarkably consistent abdominal pain that didn’t really seem to care just what it was related to. I first thought it was bladder, then I thought it might be cancer, then doctors started poking at me and doing...[Read More]

Teleportation and the Self

  So I don’t know how long this will be but I wanted to discuss teleportation and the self. I’m sure you guessed that by the title of the post but who knows, maybe someone here has title blindness and now I totally just hooked them up.   The essence of this post is that there are two, and probably only two, important persons to consider when discussing the issue of teleportation (and ind...[Read More]

YouTube is fantastic.

  I find myself at one of those interesting little energy crossroads. I’ve discussed this before and at this point it gets old even mentioning it. Some days I feel like conquering continents and others I can’t be bothered to get out of bed. Brains are interesting little organs, slick sloppy folds passing currents and chemicals promiscuously.   I still can’t have very much coffee, whateve...[Read More]

OTTO ~ The 6 Year Government [ Proposal for the US Government ]

  So I’m often asked by the voices in my head to try and come up with a solution for the world’s ailments. I tell those voices that this is not my job and that I’m hardly cut out to be giving advice for such things, but I’ll be damned if they just keep buttering me up till I come back to the internet to make a silly fool of myself. It is time for a chat, I’ve got a smoothie in my belly, an ho...[Read More]

Pokémon and Learning

  So I’m sure you’ve never asked yourself this question, “What was it that inspired that Mike fella to get so interested in learning and Psychology?” It’s easy to assume it came about when I was trying to rationalize how another human being would try to kill me, but that is in fact not the case. My initial dip into the world of thought and my curiosity for the hu...[Read More]

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