Month: October 2012

The Inevitable Extinction of Racism

  So if you didn’t know I’m pretty white, I’m white enough that folks think I’ve got a house made of gold but poor enough that I have a panic attack every time I see a police officer. It’s an interesting paradigm and it has from time to time got me thinking about race. I could use this block today to discuss the interesting demographic layout of my region and the absolute nightmare that is th...[Read More]

Space and Gravity ~ Why it’s all so orderly! + The Multiverse

Welcome one and all to a quick discussion on Gravity! I’m going to help you understand why the solar system is mostly flat, why the moon moves around us horizontally, and even why Galaxies are largely flat! You might have thought it was something complicated but indeed it is even more simple than a fancy magic humanoid in the sky! We live in 3 dimensions as I am sure you are aware, but whenever gr...[Read More]

The Tale of the Great Cat Cave God ~ Artemis

  This past week we had a power outage, PGnE or whatever they are called here, decided it was a good time to get some things fixed. Our power was out from around 9:30 AM till 3:30 PM or so. Luckily we took our showers early so that only real hurdle was out of the way, we stayed home because our garage is electric and partially because it felt a bit like a snowless snow day.   All my devi...[Read More]

What ~is~ rich, Capitalism, and why inflation hurts you.

  So I was talking with a colleague earlier and came across a bit of an epiphany. It was one of those things that haunts my mind because it feels fairly accurate and yet I’ve not really done much study on the subject. So that is your warning, this is the mad ramblings of a random internet stranger, but I suspect you will find that most of what I say is either already proven to be true or will...[Read More]

Vitamin Identity Crises

  So this is something that has bothered me for months, the common commentary on vitamins that I’ve read online and even been told by friends is that they are utterly useless. You pay money to consume a pill that you will proceed to then urinate out without any net gain whatsoever.   The logic behind this is that the average person will consume all the necessary nutrients they need to fu...[Read More]

OTTO ~ Dumb Question [They do exist]

  I believe I’ve covered this before but I feel like making it official, there are stupid questions, this is a thing. I know teachers will say that there are no stupid questions but there indeed are, this has been covered by plenty of philosophers and major public figures over human history. I’m going to go over a few of them and for those of you that have been here for a long time you’ll see...[Read More]

OTTO ~ Politics and the Role of Government!

Man, I bet when you saw the title of this you were so amped. It is often said that there are two subjects that are utterly off limits, religion and politics. The people who say this are stupid and should be shocked with a car battery. Now if you are going to enter politics or are even thinking about entering politics you need to sit down and say things in some recorded fashion that utterly ruin yo...[Read More]

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