Month: September 2012

Music and Identity ~ Very Little is New with You

  Howdy! Well it has been a little while since I last wrote. Borderlands 2, FTL, and Mists of Pandaria have all been taking a bit of my day away. I’ve admittedly fallen off the pony but I can, apparently, drink coffee again and that means the brain is awake!   But, you might say, its midnight! Your brain should be off! Oh lord, I know, I agree! But it isn’t and so let me throw some theor...[Read More]

You are nothing!

  We’ve all heard that line before. Wait, you have heard that right? It wasn’t just me? Alright well if nobody has said it to you I guess I should be the one to break the news. But, seriously, nobody? You’ve had a really caring group of friends and family; Digression overload!   But you are indeed nothing! Look at yourself right now, sure as hell doesn’t feel like it does it? After all t...[Read More]

Reviews: Borderlands 2

  So I had a dilemma, I wanted to keep writing but Borderlands 2 was filling up my brain. Occasionally I figure out the fix to a problem the moment it arises and in the case of Borderlands 2 that fix was “Binge on the game till you beat it.” Thirty Four Hours of play later I have finished Borderlands 2 and would like to review it. After that I’ll be getting back to my regularly scheduled prog...[Read More]

String Theory is Intuitive.

  I was on the fence of making this an OTTO or not but I think I’d first just like to babble it in the broadest abstract. String Theory, Quantum Physics, and the Standard Model all make perfectly clear sense. I’ll attempt to convey why I think so while a bit out of it from my medication, so forgive me if I start talking about dolphin unicorns or something equally asinine.   Quantum Physi...[Read More]

OOTO: Water and Miracle Ice

  I’ve been reading again which has sparked my brain. In particular I would like to talk about water, water is easily my favorite drink. I’m not sure how many people would say that, but if you gave me the option of my favorite soda or juice and water I would choose water every time.   When I was little I was never informed about what dehydration feels like and for much of my young life b...[Read More]

Reading, Raiding, and Arithmetic

  I’ve nearly finished Stephen King’s “On Writing” and I would suggest it to absolutely anyone who enjoys writing in any meaningful fashion. He gives solid advice and presents it in a way that doesn’t make you think he likes the smell of his own farts.   One of the suggestions in the book is to write 2000 words a day for your story and to do this 7 days a week, he offers to new readers t...[Read More]

Food Historically for the Rich leaves you Physically Poorer.

  After finish edit: The following is mostly a late night rant. I really enjoy eating and I would like to see us living in a world where you don’t need to be an investigator just to not be killing yourself when you sit down to have a meal. Most of the following is oversimplified and in some cases unintentionally wrong, take it with a grain of salt (salt is important for your body, but eat it ...[Read More]

The Human Body ~ A Lonely Island

  As I ramp up my writing muscles for a bit of late night fiction I will first banter to you all about something I find a bit interesting. I’ve mentioned before that the human body is almost literally a universe, all multicellular organisms are. The idea of the multiverse is hardly unbelievable and it already exists. We within a universe that is itself containing another universe or two (or m...[Read More]

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