Month: August 2012

Lost in a Sea of Stars ~ Game Plan

(Previously)   We head back as quickly as we can. This discovery is just too much for the two of us. Had a civilization lived here before? If so what had happened to them, thoughts were racing through my mind. Biological warfare, famine, disease, or perhaps even these plants? Had they killed off the organisms that had built the city?   Just how dangerous was this planet? What had we disc...[Read More]

Squares, Circles, and String Theory.

  I was watching a video today about pi, the mathematical concept for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. In the video they noted that the beauty of pi is that it never repeats. I’m not a math wiz or anything of that nature but I wanted to take a stab at why I think this is the case. It is something I’ve enjoyed in my head off and on whenever I think about shapes, specifica...[Read More]

OTTO ~ Capitalism and Objectivism

  It has become readily apparent that capitalism is the most blatant excuse for bestial actions by humans. “It’s just business.” becomes the catch all for destruction of property and person. This experiment only works because of the central foundation of the system which is marketing, capitalism would not survive without intense constant marketing by the few folks who truly understand its ess...[Read More]

OTTO ~ Perception and Imagination

  The brain is one of my favorite topics because it is the shell that contains everything that is you. Your external body might have some importance to you, complexions, height, weight, skin tone, and so on but none of these things is as crucial as the state of your brain. This OTTO may end up being a two part series with another for (the) Brain later. For now lets discuss Perception and the ...[Read More]

OTTO ~ Evolution

  There are few things in the world that are so certain as Evolution. For the vast majority of the world, including the Catholic Church, there is little doubt that Evolution exists. The mechanics that underpin it may not be fully understood (though it very much looks like they are) but regardless the overlying concept is basically unquestionable.   There is more evidence for Evolution th...[Read More]

OTTO ~ Academic Dishonesty (Cheating)

  I was originally going to call this one “Cheating” but I realized that the US has a weird sexual obsession and folks might pop in here thinking I’m talking about relationships, that will be a topic for certain but not tonight.   When I was in school I had multiple levels of success in school. When my teachers tried to challenge me and when I was given challenging course work I often di...[Read More]

Life Goals and Life Gain [Tiny MTG Rant]

  I have what the laymen might call “a headache” and because of this I don’t plan to update OTTO tonight. I do have plans though, I’m thinking about discussing Academic Dishonesty next. I know! So exciting, but I ‘d really like to cover as many subjects as possible and that is one that fascinates me.   It’s on the horizon however as is my next big project. The big one, the kahuna oblonga...[Read More]

OTTO ~ Death

  I would like to begin this series at the end. Mostly because it is one of the largest motivators of life, perhaps the largest motivator, every one of our actions is pushed forward by the knowledge that we must do things now because tomorrow is never a guarantee. Death is the most terrifying thing for billions of people, if it were not we would not see such widespread organizations designed ...[Read More]

OTTO ~ The Beginning

  I would like to start writing a series. I’ve got a few writing projects in my mind that are all fictional and delightful (to me) but these are not the direction I would like to take OTTO. OTTO is short for “On the Topic of”, I like it because it is a Palindrome which ironically not a Palindrome. Technically it should be “On the Subject of” but really who wants OTSO?   It’s quite simple...[Read More]

Something new

  I broke my darn keyboard. So now I find myself typing on an incredibly loud mechanical one. This thing feels amazing, the feedback on my fingers is delightful but it sounds like a woodpecker beating on an aluminum pipe! Ah well, I have a new keyboard coming in from Corsair. I almost always go with Logitech but I wanted to branch out and try something new.   Speaking of which I’m trying...[Read More]

Why do athletes win a Bronze medal and not Copper?

  So I was watching one of my favorite YouTube shows and their latest episode was talking about Olympic medals. It got me wondering something that I haven’t thought about before. Namely, why is it Gold, Silver, and Bronze? Why not Gold, Silver, and Copper? So I wanted to take you through a journey with me. Unfortunately this one might not be as exciting as the average scan and perhaps you’ll ...[Read More]

Lets get retarded (time)

It’s been a lot of time since I last updated and keeping with my desire to keep with themes whenever I write I am going to talk about time and how it can be retarded. I’ve discussed before how we are all living in the past but that’s only half of the story, less even than that. Time has two major sources, the one that we use on a Earthly scale which is my original post. It’s living in what we cons...[Read More]

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