Month: July 2012

The Bullet and the Hound

  Recently I was waiting in my car while Liz was putting away our birthday meal so that we could head off and watch the Spiderman Movie (good actors, bad script, not worth a buy but an OK watch). Walking across the road was a gal in running clothing and a really adorable large dog. It’s something I’ve seen dozens, maybe hundreds, of times in my life. There is an unfortunate truth in our world...[Read More]

Searching for the Creator

  For what seems like the entirety of the human condition our species has tried to find its creator. Some have turned to exploration while others have turned their backs. The politically correct approach to this news is to just accept that both options are equally valid and equally nutritious to our evolution. I most certainly do not agree with this, I’m willing to accept that people cope wit...[Read More]

The Water Cup

  Recently I was in a ToGo’s, today in fact. One of the people at the counter asked for a water and the cashier said “Soda or Water?” and lifted a Soda cup (obviously confirming what they had heard). The person confirmed that they wanted water and was handed a (soda) cup.   Presumably they went on to do what I’ve seen easily a hundred people do in my lifetime, maybe hundreds. They walked...[Read More]

Consequences of a bygone you.

  I was thinking recently about things like scars, or just pain in general, these artifacts of events that are forever unchangeable. From time to time we think about it on the country level with nations apologizing for the actions of their ancestors or when we discuss modern feuds that exist only because of events that only live on in text or memories.   But then there is your body, each...[Read More]


  So in the last couple of months I’ve had a couple of close together dental emergencies. In both cases it was a filling that basically shattered. I’m apparently a very hardcore eater. In the past I’ve damaged my knees and nearly broke my spine (or rather someone else tried to break my spine). In each case I am left in a moment where I feel utterly disembodied.   I feel myself entirely s...[Read More]

Dirty Peeving Liars

  We all have our peeves, those things that drive us nuts and for a moment make us wish that someone or something would just vanish from existence. They aren’t all very reasonable and some don’t even qualify as rational, and I don’t know where mine fall nor do I really care. I do care in the broad sense but not in terms of what drives me mad, and I’d like to go over a few things.   The i...[Read More]

The Mundane Mondays on a Friday ~ Light and Sight

  It’s been a while since I’ve updated. Life is fairly tiring, something I think just about anyone that isn’t worth millions of dollars can relate to. But I have some things on my side, mentally I mean, like my utter inability to do something mundane without a weird thought popping into my head.   Take for instance walking from the car at the office parking lot into the building itself. ...[Read More]

Lets discuss the TSA.

  So very recently I had to go through the TSA twice, in total I believe I’ve gone through four times. One to Washington, one from Washington, one too Missouri, one from Missouri. In total I have flown from four Separate airports since the implementation of the TSA that I can recall, the San Jose International Airport, the Oakland International Airport, SeaTac, and the Kansas City Internation...[Read More]

Healthy Mind and Body

  I haven’t updated in a while but by no means have I not been writing. Recently I’ve been feeling quite good mentally and it has inspired me to start writing again. This is somewhat ironic because there are plenty of things to be worried about lately, mostly professionally, but there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome and I think that is a realization that is finally sinking in for me. &nb...[Read More]

Politics and Family ~ Fragile Fraternity

  There is a golden rule to a happy life that I suggest everyone heed, never speak politics with your family. Politics as it stands now is a truly devious beast, it is up on a pedestal as one of very few topics that your own relatives will happily lie to you about. Brutal lies, lies that in their core trivialize the deaths of others and the hardships of poverty and the sadness of watching one...[Read More]

Kitten Countdown

I believe tomorrow is our last full day here with us leaving for the airport either later in the day Saturday or Sunday. I’m equally thankful to know that Monday is a full work day off as well so I will have time to readjust to the quiet life that I’ve gotten fairly used to. Next week is a maintenance week which means that Tuesday will be my first workday back and a two day shift all a...[Read More]

The Big Bang Theory

We are reaching the end of the vacation here. It’s been an interesting ride to be sure. I still feel that I don’t have much in common with this half of my family but it was overall an interesting experience. I met a few folks that I get along with very well but sadly their names are but a distant memory that I doubt I’ll recall on my own. At least one of them had a Pokemon ring t...[Read More]

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