Month: June 2012

Deck Building ~ Venser, The Topless Sojourner

  I love building Deck’s, it is easily an addiction in the most popular sense of the word. This addiction doesn’t impact my life negatively so it falls short with the DSM but regardless its quite a powerful joy. There is something about looking at the puzzle of 60 cards and trying to divine the best path to victory.   There are many kinds of magic players out there, those that must win e...[Read More]

Lost in a Sea of Stars ~ Osmosis

(Previously)   The doors opened and I rushed in, my heart beating at a million cycles a second. Thane walks in behind me, his wide stride giving him a much more relaxed strut but no loss of speed. The outer doors close and the inner ones-   They aren’t moving.   I press my helmet up against the view window of the inner door to see as best I can. The helmets to our suits are built of...[Read More]

Naughty Words

  Headaches are a bitch. That pounding that hits you right at the center of your very being. I’m not sure if this is the same for most people but my headaches get worse the more deep in thought I end up. This ends up becoming a pretty evil cycle of thought and throbbing that goes on for hours. In this case I’m hoping to ease it with some music and emptying my brainbox on the website.   T...[Read More]

If you don’t have something nice to say…

  So there are some things that I find rather repulsive, they stick to the back of my throat like a thick coating of mucus and are just as delightful on the taste buds. An example of this is that bit of vomitus that you got dropped on you likely by a parent or a teacher as a child. They said “If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”   Fuck these people. &#...[Read More]


  So, unless I’m mistaken, today was Father’s day. For those of you reading this and saying “Really?” you can join me in such feelings. Holidays are weird, I know that’s not some deep revelation but they have slowly grown outdated for me.   As a child I adored them, those special highlights in the monstrosity that was a year. You would see 365 days and wonder how any mortal could possibl...[Read More]

Panspermia ~ A simple Solution

  I’ve decided to shift from a dash “-“ to a tilde “~” in my titles, I doubt this concerns you but I was noticing that Windows Live Writer was converting the dash into some horrible monster that was obliterating hyperlinks.   With that out of the way lets talk about the concept of Panspermia, it is arguably one of my favorite theories on life and one I don’t think is exclusive (nor could...[Read More]

Lost in a Sea of Stars – Land Fall

(Previously)   A loud groan echoed from the Stasis room. It was a deep grizzled growl that could mean only one thing, Thane was awake. The ship didn’t appear to be suffering any major damage, the view ports all appeared air tight and there was no sign of mechanical damage that I had always thought would be plaguing a ship after an incident like this.   I walked back to the stasis room du...[Read More]

Reviews: Prometheus

    There is most certainly going to be spoilers in this writing. I’m basically writing out the entire film (apparently). So if you are someone who hates to have a plot explained to you before you see the film I suggest leaving now. That said I also suggest you remain in ignorance, because if I suggested anything close to watching this film I would feel bad about it for the rest of the night ...[Read More]

Capitalism – Setting the Bar above Absolute Zero

    There is a perception all across the United States [or every comment section on the internet], and perhaps abroad, that a business has only one purpose to exist and that that purpose is to make money. How that money is made is neither here nor there as long as what it is doing is legal. This is about as close to nihilism as any popular belief really reaches, it is so phenomenally dar...[Read More]

The Riches of Life

    Today was the day after a maintenance and so I found myself sleeping in a bit later than I usually do (about 3 hours later). After I woke up I walked downstairs and opened up some windows to get a nice air flow going through the house.   As the fresh air filled my lungs and I gathered energy both mentally and physically I heard the familiar laughter of kids a little bit down the...[Read More]

The Stupidly Equal Approach to Debating

  There is a feeling I get sometimes that is a bit hard to explain. It happens when I’m trying to discuss something sensibly with people and they go full retard. You’ve probably experienced it so I’m going to describe a situation and then move on to the emotional return I get from it.   I’m going to run with a recent example since it literally just happened. Lets say you are talking abou...[Read More]

MIT – The Beauty of Defying Gravity.

    It might not be readily apparent in the every day commotion, but the world is coming along just as it has in the past. These days we have Einstein’s popping out all over the place, genius is becoming more easily accessed as educational resources become more widespread. While there is some underlying backlash against intellectual advancement and exploration it cannot halt the hungry m...[Read More]

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