Month: May 2012

The Free Market Jungle

    I don’t have much to talk about tonight so I think I’ll just take a short moment to discuss a fairly simple concept that is an utter failure. It’s known as the Free Market, occasionally people might think that Christianity is the largest religion in the United States, however I would like to hyperbolically state that the Free Market is a much larger and more eagerly followed one. &nb...[Read More]


    This week we’ll be taking a dive into the wonderful world of making your own lunches. The idea is fairly sound, we spend about 13 dollars a day (with 10 of it subsidized by our jobs) at a sandwich shop. The food is tasty, the people are very kind, but in the end that’s still a lot of money every week. So this week we are going to try and build our own sandwiches.   We bought bre...[Read More]

Reviews: The Avengers

    Went and saw the Avengers today, it was, to put it succinctly, absolutely amazing. So much so that my comma fetish is springing up with intense fury in the very first sentence. There is honestly too much to say about it, too many problems with spoilers as well. I can’t even say all that much without just going line by line with what I loved. This film is arguably one of the best Hero film...[Read More]

Graduation Celebration

    It’s that time of the year again, kids graduating and preparing to be met headlong by the harsh reality of life. If you are someone graduating in quite a few different Western countries you are about to be in for quite an unpleasant life. Jobs are scarce, the old generation is denying you and those around you the benefits they got in spades, and laws are getting more strict on lettin...[Read More]

Life in VR – Better than Reality?

    It seems plausible that at some point in the future we will see fully immersive virtual reality, a setup where you can basically experience anything you could possibly imagine to a detail that is indistinguishable from the real world. Basically the same concept that is in the Matrix, except without the undertones that it is negative.   Is this negative? Imagine if you could put ...[Read More]

Randomness and the Weekend

    A Three day weekend is just on the horizon. I don’t know what to really talk about, the last few days have been mostly exhaustion. With Diablo III no longer interesting me I’ve found myself getting back into Torchlight 1. Something about playing the same theme, but actually being interested, that makes it intriguing.   That is an incredibly strange word “intriguing”, it looks li...[Read More]

Dwarf Fortress – Oih!

    This is a game I don’t return to all that often. But when I do I find myself interested. It’s remarkably complex, almost to the point of being utterly unapproachable. The concept is simple, you take control of a small group of dwarves and begin building a home in the mountains.   Over time you’ll get refugees, animal attacks, and other oddities. The certainty above all else is t...[Read More]

Lost in a Sea of Stars–Paint by Numbers

(Previously)   It occurs to me that I do not own enough data storage mediums, the endless walls of my living room are stacked from A-Z and yet I cannot find room for this particular film. As it melts from my hand into a silvery pool on the ground I can’t help but wonder why I spent so much money on it.   The ground begins to shake as it always does on Tuesday, had it been any other day I...[Read More]

Reviews: Diablo III

  So I’ve been playing Diablo III a fair bit this week, experiencing the life of House the Witch Doctor. Not entirely sure what my goal was, the game is, after all, incredibly long coming. There is an upper echelon of gaming sequel delays that few franchises exist in and even fewer wish to find themselves in. Once you are in this place it is almost impossible to make a game that really matche...[Read More]

Diablo III – Up to level 20 Review

  Three are 60 levels to Diablo III, one could argue that it has much more depth than that with difficulties and loot drops etc. But for the most part I’m just going to discuss the game three times, once for each third of the level range that I’ve gone through. My feelings thus far are fairly positive, I’m a Witch Doctor by the name of House, I’m calm, friendly, and full of sage wisdom that c...[Read More]

Reviews: Assassin’s Creed 2 Trilogy

  If you haven’t played through Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations, and are worried about spoilers I would not suggest reading onward. If you trust that most of what I say or show will mostly not spoil anything until the moment you experience it or a second or two before then, then keep on reading. I suppose we’ll start this tale of Ezio from the beginning. I was unable to make ...[Read More]

Bigotry and Support by Silence

  Goodness it got late. I found myself playing the game version of Inception as I was playing a game where I was a guy experiencing the memories of another guy who was experiencing the memories of an even older guy. Assassin’s Creed has turned into a Russian Nesting doll of sorts.   I’ll be writing this while watching the Daily Show and Colbert report, so I suspect that later I’ll come b...[Read More]

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