There is a thunderstorm outside, remarkable stuff, seeing that flash of light and then tens of seconds later hearing the source. It’s subtle, I imagine for many people that incident goes by or has gone by without ever really triggering any scientific observation.

  But just imagine, at a time when testing the speed of light was entirely impossible, that simple event could help you divine something that isn’t necessarily intuitive. Light travels faster than sound.

Thundercats  I really like it, I’m hoping we have a lot more thunder tonight. It’s exciting, especially when you try to take into consideration how far away the thunder originated by the time it takes for you to see the flash versus how long it takes for you to hear it.

  The flash is sort of like the beginning of the stopwatch, telling you when to hit go, and the moment the sound hits your ears you’ve reached the end of the race. Sound travels at about 340 meters per second, so if you end up waiting 4 seconds, that thunder sparked a mile away. Presuming I’m doing the math correctly, 340*4=1360? I dunno, I’m a wee bit tired. So between 4 and 5 seconds.

  But regardless, I find it very neat. Just a thought I figured I’d pass on to you.

PS. Cats don’t care where thunder originates, they hate it.

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