Month: April 2012

CPUs and DNAs

  There will come a point in human history, likely within our own lifetimes, where we will create life from nothing. Well not nothing in the literal sense, there will be a concoction that gets used. But we will take nonliving ingredients and mix them to create life.   I wonder if that process will take off like the current Silicon Era has, will we see exponential growth of our understand...[Read More]

Why then so few Newtons?

  I’ve been reading some books on Quantum Theory and it discusses at one point the immense distance between all the important figures of Classical Theory. The last, or at least the last that I recall, was Isaac Newton.   It is often said that there is no harm in various alternatives to education or the scientific theory, but I wonder why it took so very long for an Isaac Newton to arise?...[Read More]


  Went for a walk today, it was very nice. The sun was a little hotter than I would have liked but I suppose that is better than the alternative. We walked to Chipotle, a place sporting some of the tastiest beans, salsa, and corn that I’ve had in much of my life. I presume we’ll find out someday that it is made from orphans and that the tragedy is where it gets the extra flavor (This is, at l...[Read More]

The Google Antitrust Suit is Moronic

  The internet is an interesting place. With the rise of all these privacy reduction laws in the US and the general mythos that surrounds the internet among lawmakers (many of which are old, which somehow earns them the right to be ignorant) there is an every apparent notion that the laws of the “real world” do not apply to the net and that we should codify a new set for this fancy new “digit...[Read More]

Lost in a Sea of Stars–The Long Sleep

(Previously)   The underlying mechanisms that complete the hibernation chamber have been long tested and proven safe. This is critically important because it is probably the only thing that keeps me from declining the venture entirely. There is something haunting and distasteful about relinquishing your control and letting a machine maintain your life for any period of time.   To date th...[Read More]

Life in the Workplace–Never accept Misery

  It’s another one of those late nights, moon is in full view and I find myself realizing that I have not yet posted. I think my suggestion for today is that it is not healthy to presume that a job can be miserable, that it is ok for you to hate your job. We often find ourselves lost in the myth of that one true love, or in some sort of divine serendipity, but I don’t think that an expectatio...[Read More]

(18)’95 Red Balloons go by.

  I don’t have much for today, just a casual observation and a tiny bit of trivia. Mix this with my standard mental exhaustion and you’ll get what will probably be mostly ramblings.   Humanity, by and large, does not really experience the world. We are born and we die with our eyes nearly closed. Many people take in the first thing they hear as law and become skeptical of all other guida...[Read More]

Reviews: The Witcher 2

  I just finished the Witcher 2, I will try to keep this review succinct and try to avoid any sort of spoilers. But I may slip and if I do you probably will still get a whole lot out of the game. My plan is more to discuss the fundamentals of the game however. What it has and what it is lacking, assuming I remember this by the time I get to either point.   To put it shortly the Witcher 2...[Read More]

Heat and Mental Fatigue

  It was hot today, quite hot, in the mid 90’s. I don’t know about you, or where you live, or how hot it gets there, but I’m not built for heat. As such I spent most of today sweating and staring silently into a screen as I sent Geralt around to kick monster rump in the Witcher 2.   So I’ve got nothing today, it was a good day but just way too hot. Interestingly my cats were cold to the ...[Read More]

Witcher 2

  So I bought it the day it came out but I must admit I had not even started the Witcher 2 until today. Right after the launch of the Enhanced Edition. So far my impressions are strong, the introduction video was utterly amazing and the prologue actually got me a bit teary eyed.   How does a game get me attached to someone so quickly? Remarkable writing, I look forward to the rest. Hopef...[Read More]

Role Models

   So apparently the internet is a bit abuzz about Rihana smoking a tree branch sized joint with Snoop Dogg. If you don’t know who either of these people are it doesn’t really matter, but just keep in mind that both of them are famous. I have nothing bad to say about either, Rihanna has a strong voice and I’m quite certain Snoop Dogg is the world’s greatest Dungeon Master.   What bo...[Read More]

The Interim

  It’s been two days since my last update, I’m not beating myself up over it. This is usually what killed goals for me, I’d be hung up on the little details and would totally fall apart. But now I feel like I can see a bigger picture, mostly metaphorically.   I’m learning to sort of step back and take in each day one step at a time. My knees might not agree but I’m still fairly young. &n...[Read More]

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