Month: March 2012

April Fools

  A friendly reminder that for the next 24 hours every website in existence is going to be doing some silly April fools gag. I figure this reminder will curb enough unnecessary anxiety to count as my actual post for the day. And if it doesn’t I’ll just ask like this is my April Fool’s Day post, a day early, because that’s when nobody expects it!   Oh yes, pure evil. Tomorrow I might talk...[Read More]


  Since I can’t for the life of me recall my Lensmoor account, this is me proving (to some degree) that I am actually me and am requesting my data. My current in game character is Grefen.   Thanks in advance! I’ll leave this post up for posterity, should get some mud folks interested. .

Care and Health

There is a very special period of time at night where my cats allow me to actually get some writing done. I’m in between a lap theft and what appears to be Artemis flipping out all over the bedroom. She is unhappy that she has located places in the room she cannot climb; it’s adorable when I’m awake, not so much when I’m trying to sleep at 7 in the morning. The big talk in the US, at least for tho...[Read More]

Giant Flaming Tornadoes

  I’m pretty tired. So I think today I’m just going to mention something super awesome and leave the rest to a different website. This is called piggy-backing! Let’s do this!   You know what a tornado is? I’m sure you do, crazy swirling funnels of air that destroy everything in their path. Well imagine a big one, lets say ten thousand kilometers across, lets also imagine this thing is co...[Read More]

Sticks and Stones

So like any normal person who is listening to the radio in their car (and I truly feel for you all) I came across the song “S&M” by Rihanna. In it she has a chorus line of “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.” I’m sure everyone was with me with where their minds went next, namely the odd reality for most folks who suffered from or perhaps even those who were b...[Read More]

Radiation Proofing and Cloaking

  So I’m guessing, going off a recent post here, that the future of space travel is going to be one largely without windows. This may end up not being true, but I’ll get to that in a minute. I doubt this will be a long post,   The mesh in your microwave is designed so that the holes you peer through are actually smaller than the width of the Microwave, which is pretty crazy remarkable if...[Read More]

Ringless, Radiant, Gray Matter

  I listened to a short interview with Clay Johnson where he discussed the idea of ‘information obesity’. You can watch it here. For those of you that don’t want to watch the video, or currently cannot, his thoughts are that there is no such thing as information overload, but that instead the problem is indiscriminate information consumption. Basically we’ve entered a stage now where people a...[Read More]

The 2 Certainties in Life: Terrible Motorists and Taxes

  We had some rain here in Sunnyvale and you know what that means: Psychotic driving. I’m still not sure what it is about slightly abnormal weather conditions that lead folks to become absolutely deadly behind the wheel. Basically if a person can’t drive safely in rain they should drive in rain ever. Just call in to work, and if you find that you live somewhere that rains a lot then go get so...[Read More]

The Path of Least Resistance

  We all like to think that we are unique snowflakes, beautiful individuals who shall pave singular fragments of history that will never be seen again. This may be true at the most literal of levels as we all have some small level of variance regardless of how hard we might try to copy someone. But there is a large part of what we do that is pretty much the same across people, gender, culture...[Read More]

Replicators or Something quite close.

  A copyright is an interesting thing. We tend to look at them as necessary laws and intrusion on them to be incidents of entitlement. Piracy is usually treated with high horsing and general anecdotal whining. But I wonder in the not-to-distance future when we have devices in households that can generate anything from a coffee mug to a personal computer piece by piece, how will the world chan...[Read More]

Invisible Radiance

  I just got done watching Quantum Revolution with Michio Kaku (and Brian Cox was in it!) and was interested by the possibilities of one of the technologies that was mentioned. The technology in question was invisibility. They mention in the video that they can bend microwaves around a man made material so that it rejoins on the other side as if it never came into contact with anything. Micro...[Read More]

A War of Addictions

   I do truly wonder how long it will be before people put reality before fantasy when handling public policy. The war on drug has been a spectacular failure of fundamentalism influencing the political sphere. Millions of people have died, that alone is tragic but to have it for something as harmless as drugs is mind blowing.   I know to call drugs harmless might seem nonsensical be...[Read More]

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