Month: February 2012

Saturn and its Hexagon Hair

Yesterday was one of those wonderful maintenance days. I stayed late while a network switch was replaced. As a result yesterday was without a post and super boring for everyone. But that’s quite boring so I won’t talk about it much more. Also to be more honest Venus is lying beside me and she doesn’t appreciate when I am typing and not petting her. Ah the luxury of being royalty. So I like to thin...[Read More]


  I’ve somewhat failed for today, but I am planning to start sleeping much earlier than I have been lately. It’s become something of a problem I’ve noticed, a big part of it is probably linked to all the excess light that comes off of electronics.   As a child my room was pretty much pitch black, consoles had no light, my VCR had no light, the TV had no light, that weird on rails printer...[Read More]

Poe’s Law

  Man I spent way too long today trying to reorganize my elf deck. I’m just not sure how I want it to work, I’ve been looking at various combinations. It’s one of those projects that’ll continue to change each week as I look for a more fun path that I’ve previously used.   I wanted to talk briefly about something I think is crucially important when looking at major events that unravel in...[Read More]

Lies in Education and the Loss of Trust

  While there are many reasons why Utah is a terrible state, one of the most recent examples of foolishness to be expressed there is the House passing abstinence-only sex education (still needs to pass the Senate but probably will). These sort of bills are fantastic for rooting out which states should have a complete overhaul of their elected officials. Abstinence only education has failed fr...[Read More]

Friday! :D

  Tomorrow I’ll talk about the idiocy of Abstinence Education. I think I’ve done it before but I am going to add some real world counter analogous examples. So if you enjoy reading about seat belts and other situations that sound utterly ridiculous stay tuned! I’ll be rested and ready to go!   So glad this week is over, now I can get back to some kind of normal ish schedule.   So ye...[Read More]

Nappy Nap

  I took a nap today. I don’t know how many people out there have taken a nap but I highly suggest it. I haven’t had one in months, perhaps years. At least not one that wasn’t during a vacation. It killed my time to write today but I do feel like my brain has gotten some energy restored to it.   I’ve been reading articles on sleeping and the nature of segmented sleep, it seems to fit wit...[Read More]

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

  I’ve got to wake up very early tomorrow for the launch of our next title. So with that in mind I really don’t have time for anything interesting, I don’t even have time for anything mediocre and space filling. So basically my most common two forms of updating (good or crap) are not possible.   What I can do however is post a picture of kittens, everyone on the internet loves cats after...[Read More]

Teaching is the Hardest Job.

  Teaching is an incredibly hard job to get into. Sure you can become a teacher, or an educator, or some other sort of training job title. But it is another thing entirely to become a person who actually teaches people. I find it funny because this just might be the hardest job ever conceived, and yet it is one of the most readily badmouthed. That old line “Those that can do, those that can’t...[Read More]

Kitten + Sink = Addiction

  It’s remarkable how quickly a three day weekend can go by. I spent most of this time off staying up too late, waking up too late, and doing some house work. I also managed to walk for about 2 to 3 hours this weekend which was nice and left me mighty sore.   Since its rather late and I don’t really have anything planned to discuss today I’m just going to note that one of our cats has so...[Read More]

Morality and Justice guided by the Veil of Ignorance

  There is an interesting system of morality (and justice) that was put forth by John Rawls, the basic idea was that if you are put in a situation of ignorance where you have no idea where you place in society will be you will always choose the most just system because you will choose the system that benefits the greatest number of people with the least negatives that are also evenly distribu...[Read More]

Mass Transit

  Some of my favorite moments of travel in life have involved Mass Transit. Most specifically forms of trains, trams, or other on rails vehicles. The one exception was the cruise I was on, but that’s been covered ad nauseum here before.   Trains can move a phenomenal amount of people with very little in the way of locomotion (heh), a single train engine can pull (effectively) 110 cars. Y...[Read More]

Hot Pockets!

  I know this is going to come across as an advert, but the dude doesn’t even know me and I sure as heck won’t be getting a paycheck. However I like when people do smart things and want to do something to ensure that further people see the perks of doing something smart.   Louis CK brought in about 1 million dollars when he sold his show personally on his website for 5 dollars, no DRM, n...[Read More]

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