Month: January 2012

Stubborn Change

  There is a phenomenon is psychology, perhaps that’s too strong of a word, there is a part of our psychology that adapts as we grow older. The brain starts specializing all the tasks that it does throughout the day and will shave off the unnecessary information. We are left over time with a machine perfectly made for our mundane routine but not very efficient at accepting new data or changes...[Read More]

Sherlock Holmes–BBC

  Since I have more to watch I suppose I’ll keep this short. If you haven’t seen the new BBC Sherlock Holmes you should. It’s 2 seasons ,6 episodes, and 1.5 hours a piece. It’s, quite easily, some of the best television to be made in my lifetime.   I just finished the first episode of Season 2 and it was every bit as good as the first three, which I thought was going to be an impossible ...[Read More]

Minecraft – Housing and Exploring

    I’ve started using Storybook in Earnest and realized something that I need to do. I’m going to draw the blueprint for every house or location used in the story. I need more visuals to help me with my writing. When I was younger I wrote some fairly silly stories for the Ragnarok Online Universe (well my story with the lore of Ragnarok) and I found that seeing the locations made i...[Read More]

1 Cent Soda

  Today we decided to venture out into the world, it’s a bit difficult to do after a long week of work. Our ventures took us to the local Target, a 2 story monstrosity (to be fair its only 1 floor, the parking garage is the other floor). We ordered some smoothies from Starbucks (something I would suggest you don’t do for now), and purchased a few “food items” from the market there. I use quot...[Read More]

Brain Fatigue

  Brains are an unusual thing, even now I’m talking about my brain with my brain. More accurately my brain is talking about itself but using a pseudonym. Or would it be talking in the third person? Similar to “Chad thinks we should go to the mall. Chad really likes what Chad has to say.” “Alright…Chad.”   Well regardless this odd cyclical system of self referential commentary is getting ...[Read More]

Cats and Kids or “Why your internet is cats.”

  I’m incredibly disappointed in the internet right now. Let me tell you why, when I was in college we read about the psychology of the “Crazy Cat Lady” and some theories behind why (mostly) single women can find themselves growing old with a house full of cats.   The main study that seemed most reasonable to me was that the symmetry and rough location of the cats various facial features...[Read More]

Bubble Butts

  Man my hands are cold…I should not do deck building downstairs. But as I wait for these 10 sickly digits to warm up to something I can feel I’ll tell you a bit about our kitties. Very little, just one more story to help prove they are evil geniuses. My computer uses 3 screens and I switch between Eyefinity and extended single, there is a single key combination that switches them back and fo...[Read More]

My Cat–The Evil Genius

  I just came to the startling realization that of our two kittens, the quiet one, is quite possibly evil. She has a very consistent desire to chew up anything rare in your house. Got a stack of penny business cards? Meh, this is not acceptable for my pallet. But this, this rare gold leaf from the depths of King Tut’s Tomb? Oh I will chew this, I will chew this with the delight of a thousand ...[Read More]

Questions–The Good and the Bad

I’m not sure if I’ve covered this before. I imagine I have, often I feel like a broken record going on and on about the things that interest me. At the end of the day I’m just beating a universe sized horse fruitlessly waiting for it to twitch. Also in advance forgive the odd typos, I’m almost literally typing blind as I write from across the room on a 42 inch television. The font is coming out as...[Read More]

A Handy How-To on Regulation

  Oh man, I bet you were thinking today “I want to read about regulation and how to do it effectively!” I heard your calls, I thought about it while building card decks and I’ve come to the following conclusion: Well…you’ll see as we move along!   So I’ve been reading a lot, not necessarily recently but just in general. One of the things I’ve noticed over and over is that regulations are...[Read More]


So I’ve been very seriously considering entering into politics in the future. I have a strong suspicion that in the not-to-distant future we will see it not only possible but actually witness people winning elections with the aid of the internet. I’m sure some folks have gotten votes by advertising by the internet but I’m speaking more of a (and forgive me for using this word) grassroots movement....[Read More]

Kids–Particularly Furry Ones

  I had plans to write more today but I got attacked by the Children. Namely our Calico Cat, Artemis. She decided that all night long was the perfect time for me to play with her. When I decided I’d prefer to sleep she promptly pimp slapped me.   Alternatively walking on me, or trying to eat me feet, or exhaling stinky kitty breath in my face at least once. She managed to escape punishme...[Read More]

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