Month: November 2011

Reviews: Skyrim

    So I’ve been quite busy over the last 9 days. During this time I’ve played roughly 42 hours of the latest Elder Scrolls game “Skyrim”. Everyone and their cousin probably knows what this game is already so I’m just going to give a quick overview of what I like and what I think it is missing. To save people time this game easily falls under “Great” on my review scale. It’s a must get and I’...[Read More]

MDB: “Undead Alchemy”

  So I think for the next couple of weeks I’m going to update once a weekend (at the least) to discuss either a new or ongoing Magic: The Gathering project. MDB or “Magic Deck Building” is a twofold idea, one being that I get a chance to post something and think about my project more deeply and also if I lose the deck I can easily and quickly replace it because I’ll kn...[Read More]

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