Month: September 2011

The Vacation–Part 5: “Excursions”

  There are two kinds of people for the sake of this next sentence. You have people who love to go out and do things, party, drink, what have you and then you have people who like to sit around smelling the breeze and not really interacting with the rest of the collective organism that is “humanity”.   If fall under #2 for about 95% of what matters, however if you can assure me there wil...[Read More]

The Vacation–Part 4: “Massages Spassages”

  Today’s update will be a little short I imagine and will discuss what happened while all the other folks were off in Ketchikan. This particular area had nothing of interest to us for outings so we decided to use up our Massage Coupon to get our relax on.   The process was fairly simple, the Spa happened to be a couple minute walk from our door, which would be a welcome blessing for the...[Read More]

The Vacation–Part 3: To the Sea!

    Once we had finished up the disappointment that was PAX we had a restishful (it’s a word…or will be someday) night’s sleep and woke up early once again to make our way to the Cruise Ship. The ferry across was the buffer, prepping us for our 7 day journey across the 1 Sea, also a few offshoots off that Ocean and probably a big lake or two. I didn’t really keep track, it is more or les...[Read More]

The Vacation–Part 2: PAX is Dead

  I am not an entirely distant individual, there is still part of me that relays alongside the rest of humanity. It is this part of me that knows full well that PAX will survive for many years to come and perhaps decades. However the thing that PAX once was is no longer.   When I first started going to PAX it was still young, it hadn’t moved into Seattle and it was actually somewhat empt...[Read More]

The Vacation–Part 1: TSA

It has been quite a while. I’ve been out of town on my one year anniversary. It seems like just yesterday I was dreading the first dance and now we are here, so far ahead yet not too far at all. I’ll be discussing the vacation in a series of posts. Mostly because I suspect that this will go somewhat long. The general theme will be from negative to positive as I talk about the TSA, PAX, and the Vac...[Read More]

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