Month: August 2011

Elastic Universe

  I’m not very versed in the wonderful world of astrophysics. It is something I am avidly reading but I don’t expect it to ever be a topic I feel I’m an expert in. Tonight before I begin my vacation I wanted to leave you, whoever you are, with a few fleeting thoughts.   It appears that our universe is ever expanding, I may be mistaken but I believe this hypothesis was reached because we ...[Read More]

Watching Water Boil.

I am constantly fighting with time. My perception of time is inherently skewed and I can’t put my finger on when just about anything in my life actually happened. Birthdays are basically the closest I come to getting fairly accurate on what the event signifies and what date that the original event happened. Otherwise it is a nightmare. Which is where my issues with story writing tend to manifest m...[Read More]

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