Month: June 2011

Mind and Body

  So I’ve been thinking about amnesia as of late. Partially because it is a strong facet of the protagonist in my story (very original I know) and because in my own life I’ve experienced it. I’m not melodramatic about it, I look at the experience as more of one married with fascination.   This will be an interesting little bit, because as I’ve said before, I don’t really think about what...[Read More]

Reviews: X-Men: First Class

I will get this out of the way immediately, to say that I enjoyed this movie would be an understatement. I’ll discuss it in, every so slightly, more detail in a minute. But this film has things in it, things you should see, one of the most entertaining hero movies, and an origins at that, that I’ve ever seen. I’m going to probably hype this a bit, so if you just wanted the gist I suggest you read ...[Read More]

Deputus, Bounty Hunter–The Journey Begins

  And so it begins, I type in the simple command “tmm 0” and the entire map is empty. I am standing, alone, lost, in the middle of a new world. These are the tales of Deputus, Argonian, Bounty Hunter, and slay of evil.   But what is evil? Well, as far as Deputus is concerned, it is anything that sets off the battle music that plays in his head. With this in mind, much of the people of Cy...[Read More]

My Weekend

  It was a rather quiet week and I wanted to at least give a quick summary of my weekend. I drank Coffee, Made Pizza, Wrote a bit more for the Story, and finally…   Yeah…that happened. I’m apparently fantastic at using arrows to create suggestive situations.   This is my guy thus far. Not much to look at but he is doing his best to bring the pain. I am roleplaying as a bounty hunter...[Read More]

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