Month: May 2011

Wymi–Further Fishy Figuring

    Wymi, otherwise known as, “What you Make it.” Is a easy to remember two syllable word that represents the second and possibly final piece to “The Fish and the Faith”. It’s something I was told ages ago during the short stint of time I spent in Church. The answer came when I asked why no two people had the same response to what heaven was.   The man told me “Heaven is What you Ma...[Read More]

Abortionplexes and Voting

  I don’t know about most people but I’ve often wondered why people would believe everything they read that is presented as news. A wonderful example of this phenomenon can be seen nearly at any time on any given day by clicking the following link:   For those that don’t know already the Onion is a satirical news website that tends t...[Read More]

The Importance of Achievement

  Well I hadn’t planned to be updating this again. I wagered we’d all be standing amidst a sea of cosmic carnage as the angels and devils wage unholy war. So that didn’t happen, and I must admit that it was a disappointment for me at the very least. Does anyone know how to properly dispose of a body? No? Never mind, I didn’t say anything.   Now where were we? Ah! Achievements, I’m not ta...[Read More]

The Fish and the Faith

  I’m a big fan of philosophy, I am not a “believer”, nor ever will I be. The following article is one half of the puzzle as to why. Obviously I will never see the purpose, personally, in faith and certainly not in religion, the emotional and physical benefits of either are equally found in merely being optimistic/charismatic.   This does not mean I would tell another that they should st...[Read More]

YouTube Channel

  Well I’m a bit busy today but I wanted to update so I decided it would be helpful to mention my YouTube Channel. It can be found here. Maybe I’ll get one of those fancy YouTube buttons and slap that thing on this page somewhere.   Probably not though…unless it is custom made. The brilliant red of the buttons clashes with the sensibilities.   You will find such gems on the channel ...[Read More]

Duck! 2: Return of the Fowl

  It was a warm day (a bit too warm as it burned my skin) when we wandered around the community center it was a different sight than last week. Last week there was a wedding, birds a plenty, this week it was much more empty.   I’m not sure where that little one was going but he was going somewhere. Adorable little legs paddling him along. We walked along further and saw another group of ...[Read More]

The Worthy of Worship Paradox

Update: I’ve been mulling it over and perhaps “Worthy” is not the word I’m looking for. So a possible alternative to the original shorthand is as follows: Possible Alternative Shorthand: Any god that demands worship does not deserve Worship. The basic idea here is that anything that demands worship, respect, or special treatment does not deserve these things. You earn these...[Read More]


  So once a week my wife and I go for a walk. This past weekend we decided to go through the community center here in Sunnyvale, California. Our journey began with an oddly specific sign along some building construction.   It was indeed correct! We looked to our right and there was a path of travel, as pedestrians we took it. The entire thing turned out better than expected really. We ma...[Read More]

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